Texas sex abuse case

This is a horrific story. In a small town, a mother has her kids and her own sister perform sex acts after medicating them with Vicoden. Weekly between 50 to 100 adults watched this show.



Wow, this is horrible. I don’t know what to say, other than these victims are in my prayers.

I’m so glad they’ve been sentenced to life in prison and the children adopted! I’m amazed they weren’t placed back in the home.

I’m sick to my stomach…horrific is right. Oh my gosh, I pray for those poor kids…that somehow, they will forget those nightmares, and be able to lead a normal life. :frowning:

I read about this too.


I wonder if the 50 to 100 other perverted people who watched will be prosecuted.
And, I guess I am naive…how can 50-100 people have no decency to gather to witness this abuse?

and that was a nightly/weekly occurence, so I gathered from reading that article, that it wasn’t always the same 50 to 100 people? sick!! and so sad.:frowning: We must pray for children to be protected!

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