Texas to require burial or cremation of aborted fetuses


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -
Texas intends to require aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated under new rules following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down two of the state’s most restrictive abortion laws.





Oh, I’m sure that the nine un-elected demigods will invent from whole cloth yet another right that Texas is violating with this requirement, just as they declared that people performing a surgical procedure don’t have to actually be surgeons with admitting privileges at an accredited hospital because that impedes womens’ rights to “health care.” Nothing must stop Moloch these days, according to our “government”.



Good for Texas.




I was reading an article about this the other day. The article said it shouldn’t violate the constitution because it is not preventing a woman from having an abortion. It would really only affect the clinics and hospitals.

I am 100% for this. I remember when the Planned Parenthood videos were going around my co-worker asked what should be done with the remains if they aren’t donated. I said they should be buried.


Oh good grief. When I miscarried at 5 weeks I had several painful, cramp filled days. My body expelled a quantity of material…slime and mucus, quantities of blood, large blood clots, gore - like chopped up bits of raw liver. I am seriously supposed to have gathered up all my bloody used tampons and the contents of the toilet bowl and submitted this waste to a funeral home or crematorium or become criminalized if I do not!

Careful what you wish for. Unless you aren’t really about concern for the plight of miscarrying women in your rush to punish those that you consider baby murderers.


I’m sorry for your loss. It’s not something I experienced so I can’t pretend to know what it’s like.

The article mentions only aborted fetuses. I wouldn’t be prudent to extend it to embryos because many of them are disposed of without the woman even knowing she was pregnant.


They are talking about disposal policies from abortion clinics.
Not personal, home experiences of miscarriage.


So the fetuses that die because of abortion are more deserving of respect than fetuses that die because of miscarriage? Seems strange to me.


I was responding to the fact that she seems to think this is encroaching on her personal liberty. It is not.
She is not an abortionist.
Miscarried babies are called home by God, And yes, it’s horrible and traumatizing.
But it’s not murder. Death row inmates are buried. They are not placed in a dumpster. Please don’t start twisting things.

That’s pretty much why posting these articles and running is not generally helpful.
People always debate what they really mean…despite it been pretty clear what the content of the article is.
I’ve suffered a couple of miscarriages. I don’t think this proposal would have had anything to do with me or my lost child.


My guess is that when this gets to the floor, there will be a clarification on this based on fetal age.

But it’s not about who is deserving of respect. All miscarried children are deserving of respect and, when possible, should be treated in a similar manner as other deceased children. But the state is talking about what a **business **does when the demise is a foreseen consequence of a planned procedure, not what an individual experiences unexpectedly at home. Apples and oranges.


Thank you for your words of sympathy J Peterson. I can assure you it was not a good experience. You are correct that many times fertilized embryos are expelled before a woman is aware that she is pregnant. It is my understanding that most fertile, sexually active women have likely had an early miscarriage without being aware of it.

So if a woman’s body expels an very early stage embryo naturally she should not required to submit her bodily waste for cremation or burial, but if she does anything at all to induce such an early miscarriage, then the law would go into effect?

To me it is clear that these kinds of laws are misguided and do nothing to help pregnant women. They only serve to shame and punish.


This is good. It shows regard for human life.


Why does it only apply to abortion clinics? Miscarriages occur and if late in the pregnancy can require intervention in a hospital or other medical facility. These rules aren’t being pushed on other medical businesses as far as I can tell.


Yes. I agree. Additionally, many medical abortions take place after the woman takes the pills at home and she bleeds as if she is having her period. What happens then? Or if by chance she is at a clinic or health center and she is bleeding as if having her period? There is nothing but clots and uterine blood.

I’m sorry, but this proposal makes no sense whatsoever.


I have to wonder why requiring aborted babies to be buried is so offensive to some. Just because some bodies may be lost through no ones fault doesn’t mean those that aren’t shouldn’t be respectfully buried.


It will only apply to the poor.


Who is going to “police” the ones brought about by pills taken at home?

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