Texas vs. California: Who’s Moving Where

read this… its staggering how many people are moving OUT of liberal welfare states. There is a link to a Forbes interactive map. You can click on any county in America and see the migration patterns.


Texas’s low-cost, liberty-loving atmosphere has become an attractive alternative to California’s oppressive public sector and dysfunctional policy environment. No amount of heart-melting vistas, celebrity sightings, or traipses through wine country can make up for what almost appears a strategic attempt by one of the nation’s largest states to drive businesses and productive people away.

Obviously this means we need to shut the energy sector down so that Texas can by just as ****** as the blue states.

we can’t afford SoCal, Arizona or Florida, the other retirement options
requirement: weather amenable to year-round golfing.
Rio Grande Valley, check it out

Well, I just hope those immigrating here have some sense in them to not vote liberal. No point of them moving here if they just turn it into California. But on a hopeful note, perhaps all the lines coverging onto Austin are the regular people from those Liberal states, and they will make Austin “not weird”.

Indeed. If they have the sense to leave California to come to Texas I hope they have the sense to realize why they had to.

— It’s always George Bush’s fault!!! ----




I hope otherwise. Texas isn’t some ultra-rightwing state. There’s Austin and Dallas and Houston that are pretty liberal, and Texans ought to be proud that it’s a state that does entertain a variety, if a small variety, of political viewpoints.

Austin is not liberal it is just weird! :smiley:

Do not get me started about Austin being liberal, often it seems more of a fascist populist city government then anything else. I do not how much money we keep wasting trying to please everybody. Do you know that a city inspector has to control the backyard water tap where I attach my gardening hose before I get an approval for proper and complete installation of my water heater in the attic?

In Houston it depends on what part of town you are in. Around my West Houston office it is very conservative. The closer you get to downtown the more Liberal it gets,

Austin, OTH, is iredeemable. we dont call it the “Peoples Republic of Austin” for nothing!:slight_smile:

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