Texas Woman Kills Home Intruder With His Own Gun

Texas Woman Kills Home Intruder With His Own Gun


Good news. Seems we need to start fighting back with all these home intruders!

This was good too “Investigators say the couple were just defending their family and probably won’t be charged.” (from the article)

Brenda V.

It seems to me the home owner didn’t have a gun in the home for protection. Let this be a lesson to others the head of the household should own and be trained in the safe use of firearms.

I’m glad it turned out the way it did taking the scumbags out.

Yeah they better not be chargd, it was self defense! They didn’t ask to be robbed, the robbers were the ones doing what was wrong and one had to pay for it with his life.

Yeah, I’m glad the innocent family was safe, if someone had to die I’m glad it was the criminal and not the innocent victims!

Actually it was the husband who killed one of the two intruders.

Anyway, its good that they won’t be charged.

However, you know the family members of the intruders will sue, and these folks will have to fork out lots of money for a defense attorney.


Castle Doctrine, Castle Doctrine… watch the thieves run… watch the mommy shoot the thieves with a big shotgun. Sing it FOLKS!

I got this from another forum about the same news item it just struck me funny.

In this case there may actually be a solution, since she experienced damage, too, in the form of a counter suit. Also, it is unlikely a suit like this will be filed, or go forward, since there is no money to be made and no deep pockets to extort. I still wish we had major tort reform to punish people that file frivilous law suits.

Are there seriously states that have laws against self defense, and protecting one’s family–even if it means…shooting someone, and the intruder possibly dying from the injuries? (I don’t know if anyone being robbed/whatever would shoot to kill, necessarily…)

I have read this a few times on here, and it is so bizarre that an intruder would have more rights than the homeowners!!


It wouldn’t phaze me any. I would rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.

Yeah!!! The women should be given a medal. Evil doers need to be defeated permenantly…sounds like she did:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Evildoers can only be defeated by being led to repentance and salvation. Killing that thief didn’t ‘defeat’ him at all unless (very slim chance indeed) he happened to die repentant.

That thief, wrong though he was, was a human being created just as much in the image and likeness of God as you or I or the one who killed him.

To gloat, as you are doing, over the death of any person, is incredibly insulting to the God who created and loves that thief just as much as He loves the one who killed him - or you, for that matter.

So, you thin they should’ve just let the theives do what they want without doing anything to protect themselves?

I was not talking about the morality of the shooting (as long as it was both proportionate and done in legitimate self-defence I’m perfectly OK with it).

I was talking about the gloating attitude of Gospel over the fact that a human being with an immortal soul was killed, which fact, whatever the circumstances, should be mourned over and not serve as cause for rejoicing.

in houston this happens more than you’d expect and time in time out the courts find in favor of the shooter. including the man who killed 3 men robbing his neighbors house. he was on the phone with 911 and shot them in his neighbors yard against the dispatchers orders, and he got off scott free. all i have to say is Lord have pity on the poor soul that breaks into my home because they arent long for this world.

These are almost always assumed when occured at night when someone has broken into your house.

One of my friends once took a job as an armed guard. He was told that he did not have authority to kill anyone.

However, if he did wound a perp, he was only authorized to make sure the guy didn’t get up.

My daddy told me not to get involved with any kind of crime or folks who commit crimes, because I would be just as guilty as them and if I got blamed I would be just as guilty as them.

I remember this case and I was surprised he wasn’t charged. He was lucky that he lived in an area where he had a good DA. I’m glad the old guy didn’t get charged.

I hope this never happens to you but if someone did break into your house and you killed him/her. Lets say I’m the DA in your county/city and I’m looking out for my political career because this office is just a stepping-stone. And I want to get as many murder convictions on my record as I can.

I would have you arrested and charged with premeditated murder. Why because of that statement you put on a public Internet forum that I can get. I would put it to the court; “You see this persons mind was all ready made up to kill the person before it happened.” You have to watch what you say.

Its like emails if you wouldn’t write it on a postcard don’t put it an email.

If someone broke in my home I will make the threat go away if myself or family is threatened I may have to use deadly force but that’s up to the burglar. I don’t what to us deadly force but if I have too I will.

Yep good advice because I bet that company wanted to avoid a lawsuit?

I misunderstood.

But I have to make it clear that I foavor non-lethal self defense. Tazers, mace, pepper spray, throwing heavy objects at the attacker…:thumbsup:

I have a big bible that could do some serious damage to anyone coming in here uninvited!:stuck_out_tongue:

are you my dad? seriously you sound just like him. but while i see your point it doesnt worry me. that guy had the dispatcher tell him repeatedly dont shhot them, and he had to go outside to do it.

besides once they are inside your home you can’t be charged.

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