Text Only Bible?


Is there such a thing as a Bible containing only the inspired text.

No notes. No concordance. No maps. Book titles are okay but I would even like one without chapter and verse numbers.

No Latin please. RSV or NRSV would be nice.



Would an online version be helpful? The Oremus Bible Browser has the NRSV (Protestant version). You can view it with or without verse numbers. devotions.net/bible/00bible.htm


Some more online bibles:

NewAdvent.org - Knox Translation: newadvent.org/bible/gen001.htm

Bible Gateway with many translations:biblegateway.com

And The Bible app by YouVersion is wonderful and free and has 43 english translations if you dont mind reading the bible on a phone or tablet.


Next best alternative - get a public domain translation and print one yourself. :smiley:


Consider bibles that are printed without verse or chapter numbers, but instead have proper paragraphing. (not per verse as in most)

This is an excellent presentation on “Why Typography Matters”


40 minute youtube videos are the last thing I want to watch but I clicked into it out of respect for the fact that you posted it and watched the first five minutes. It is fascinating and it is on my list to watch. Thank you.



I believe Catholic translations are supposed to have footnotes. Dei Verbum 25 says: …translations of the sacred texts, which are to be provided with the necessary and really adequate explanations so that the children of the Church may safely and profitably become conversant with the Sacred Scriptures and be penetrated with their spirit.

Furthermore, editions of the Sacred Scriptures, provided with suitable footnotes, should be prepared also for the use of non-Christians and adapted to their situation. source


How does one know which translations are inspired? :slight_smile:


A side question: If we’re questioning whether scripture has been inspired or not, btw another thread, shouldn’t we also question whether any translation of it has been inspired or not? I mean we’re talking a probable corruption in any translation in a changing language IMO. As it is, we already have four different accounts of the same person in the NT, with slight variations of what he said. A simple imprimatur doesn’t change that.


I’m not asking about translations or inspiration. Please let inspiration stay in the other thread.

And Bibles required to have footnotes is nonsense. Footnotes are to be provided and should be prepared but that doesn’t mean that anyone has to use them or have them in their Bible.

I’m looking for a text only bible sans notes, commentaries, essays, maps, concordance, cross reference, artwork, glossary, picture of the Pope, presentation page or copy of the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation. What irenaeuslyons has described sounds perfect and I need to find time to watch the rest of the video.

Does anyone know what Benedictine or Cistercian monks use for lectio?



You mentioned it in the OP.


The only one I have seen at the bookstore was the ESV readers Bible (or something like that) but unfortunately it is missing a few books in the OT.


Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but this is a two year lectionary for the divine office used by Pluscarden Abbey.

Here is the set of documents


Wow. There are a lot of documents there to explore. Looks like an awesome resource to peruse on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Thanks!




I suspect that you are interested in paper copies only?

If not, electronic version of the Bible will give you the option of hiding the notes/commentaries and the cross references are hyper-linked. Meaning that you have a clean page without distractions. In addition, if you do want to add your own notes - you are able to do so.


This may be pretty close to what you’re looking for. While there are explanatory notes, as I recall, most of them are in the back, so the vast majority of the pages are only the Scriptures.



Hey dmar198, I really like that link you provide in your signature block: “Pope Francis is No Liberal: 24 Examples.” Very good info!


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