Text-To-Speech Audio Render Of The Catechism


Hi all,

In my efforts to better evangelize our faith, I was challenged by my priest to study and develop a more firm understanding of the Catholic Catechism.

My problem was that I don’t like to read text, and the audio versions of the Catechism I found were 50$ and up.

So I wrote a program to read the entire Catechism into audio files via computer voice synthesis, and uploaded it for public consumption here:

It’s not perfect, the voice sometimes mispronounces, and the pace of the reading is pretty swift, but overall it’s not bad, and I find it quite useful to listen to our Catechism while driving or at work, wherever I have internet access.

I welcome any feedback, including any especially weird audio glitches they may notice. I personally have not yet listened through all the tracks (I’m only halfway through part 1).

I also have a zip of all the files I uploaded to soundcloud.com which I can make available elsewhere if anyone would like to obtain a full copy.

Love in Christ,


Nice idea. Was it easy to work with the USCCB regarding copyright permission? I had previously heard they were quite difficult. For example, opensourcecatholic.com/blog/jeff-geerling/open-access-catholic


Gosh, I had not heard of that.

I assumed that since the pdf was publicly available that the Church would be desirous to have a free audio copy.

I guess I need to inquire with them if I can make these public.

This is a pretty big oversight on my part!


I agree. It seems like the Bible and the Catechism should be made as widely available as possible. It may get better as we get more tech-savvy bishops.


I’m currently listening to the CCC via two Android apps. I first access the Catechism Laudate app (which is a great app for all things Catholic). I then queue up audio files of the various sections using @Voice Aloud Reader-Read Aloud. I listen to the CCC on my commute and when I go for walks. These two apps make any document, web page, or email into an audiobook. So convenient.


I recommend getting a free text or pdf version from the internet and then listening to it using a voice reader on Android. For myself, I downloaded the Ivona Voice app and selected the British Amy voice, because I think she reads at a perfect pace and for some reason the British accent seems to help me concentrate better. Other robot voices seem harder for me to pay attention to.

@Voice Aloud Reader is a good app for listening to pdf files, and FBReader is good for listening to text files and ebooks. I’ve easily gotten both of them to work with Ivona’s British Amy voice on my android device.


Kindle also has a read-out-loud function that could be used for folks who do not like to read text, or who comprehend better when the text in going through two sensory gates at the same time.


These are some excellent recommendations. Thank you friends.

I agree that my own ability to listen to the Catechism and making it more accessible to the public are two separate efforts.

I will look into that opensourcecatholic.com effort.

Ultimately, we must be obedient to the Church if we call ourselves Catholic.


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