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hi if i text someone that i know texts and drives but i dont know if they are driving or not i dont sin right?? thats too far removed from their sin or would i share some responsibility for their texting and driving because i texted them??


Correct. However, you could ask, and if they say they are driving, you could say you’ll catch them later.


If I knew that someone habitually texted while driving, I would NEVER text that person. That is something that could result in the murder of any number of innocent people.


Or at least limit texting to times when they are most likely not to be in the car.


I think murder would be a little bit strong of a word to use here, even from a legal standpoint, wherein that’s typically taken to be willful, deliberate, and premeditated killing. Negligence is not considered murder, whether under civil law or in terms of moral theology. Further, the OP sounds here and in other past posts to be scrupulous, so I don’t know that such a severe way of putting it is necessary.



I live in a country where texting while driving is forbidden. This is the only way to stop accidents.


No, it’s not your responsibility to police them for texting while driving. Besides, how would you know at any particular time that they are driving at the time you text them? If they text you that they are driving at the time you can just discontinue the texting until later.


Ask them. “Hey, are u driving?”
Because how would you feel if an accident happened?



Some of us can text play candy crush, eat a hamburger, Shazam a song, and drive up a snowy mountain road to a ski resort… Some can’t. :shrug:


Its against the law here too, but that does not stop 90% of people from doing it either. I notice other drivers when sitting at red lights, many of them are texting or fiddling with their phones, its easy to spot, then when the light goes green, they go back to driving.

I think its pretty dumb to have a law against it though, no one really takes it serious,and plus, some people are better at doing more than one thing at a time, driving included. My dad is one of these people, he can be texting away, eating a sloppy taco, etc and still be a perfect driver.

I am not like this though, I have to focus on driving and sometimes I feel I should not be driving right away upon waking up in the morning, as many other people are the same, but we dont see any laws about being awake a certain amount of time before driving, so…?


In my state texting at a red light is legal but not after it turns green. In fact there are PSA commercials saying this.


Around here, they just say “just dont do it”, they have a variety of local people in the PSAs.

Imo, this should be a major concern for cell phone manufacturers, and/or car makers, people are going to do it no matter how many PSAs they air against it, why not make come up with a safe way of doing it?

Im not suggesting I have a theory, but cell phone/ car technology progresses pretty fast these days, seems like there should be a solution for this before too long.


My phone, which is not high end thought it is a smartphone, has a " driver assistant" that switches to voice commands whenever I am driving. I can listen and reply to texts without even picking up my phone, as well as answer calls.


Well, there is the answer to the whole texting and driving problem, I wonder why they dont have PSAs that encourage people to use this function, versus telling people to avoid it altogether?


…if people will follow that law, as Mikekle mentioned. Unfortunately, in most places where this type of law is enacted there are still too many numbskulls who will still do it.


I probably would avoid texting that person. Or, if you know when they typically commute, at minimum avoid texting them during that time period. If you know they’re at work or home, then it would safe.


I don’t know how many manufacturers have it - my phone is a Motorola.

The phone itself prompted the setup in the first few days I had it. I’m the rare breed that actually bothers with manuals and tutorials, though.

It’s very smart and convenient. I can also use it to automatically silence my phone during certain hours or if I have an appointment on my calendar. It’s called “Motorola Assist,” if anyone else has that brand.

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