Texts about Satan's Refusal to Bow to Adam

In high school, I found a tale in Islam concerning Iblis’ (Satan’s) refusal to bow to Adam,
that leading to his fall, then I found the same tale in other books, which aroused some
interest in me, leading me to cite as many texts as possible. Aside from maybe one
addition to the list, I haven’t been searching more in years, and thought perhaps this
would be an interesting thing to discuss here. So far, it seems as though the Jews,
the Christians, the Muslims, EVEN the mysterious Yezidi all had a concept of this
at some point in history. Here’s the list I compiled:

*]Qur’an 7:11-13
*] Vita Adae et Evae 13:1-16:4
*] The First Book of Adam and Eve 7:1-9
*] The Questions (Gospel?) of Bartholomew 4:25, 28, 52-26
*] The Legends of the Jews Chapter II (Section Six: THE FALL OF SATAN)
*] Devil Worship – The Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidiz, Appendix to Part One, pgs 61-62
(Questionable Source?)
Anyone here well[size=3][size=3]–[/size]read know
of[size=3] [/size]any other sources contain-
ing this extrabiblical story? [/size]

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