TFP volunteers assaulted by pro-homosexual activists


**TFP volunteers assaulted by pro-homosexual activists

**July 30, 2009

Your prayers and support for the Saint Joseph Caravans are bearing excellent fruit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Fortunately, our volunteers are seeing a nice increase in support for traditional marriage in the public, which matches recent poll data that shows support for same-sex “marriage” is falling.

But we’re also seeing an uptick in harassment. In fact, this week, members of the Saint Joseph, Pillar of the Family Caravan, were punched in the face and pepper sprayed in Warwick, Rhode Island. They suffered injuries and filed reports with the police.

So please keep the prayers and support coming.

See the latest reports on our blog here.

As I said, our volunteers are facing spurts of harassment. For example, TFP volunteer Peter Shibler said someone yelled at him from a car:

“You had better get the **** out of here, or I will stab you where you stand.”

%between%Matthew Taylor had a different experience in Buffalo, New York. He had coins thrown at him by a man in speeding car. Soon afterwards, police officers pulled up and said someone had called because we were “jumping into the streets.”

When the officer saw that it was misinformation, he left. But at the end of the campaign, another squad car whipped into the parking lot behind us. He seemed relieved when we told him we were leaving, and said:

“Every time someone disagreed with you, we would get a phone call saying you were ‘jumping into the street.’”

Then, in New York, a young man and girl approached John Miller who was holding the TFP standard. His dreadlocks, body piercings and foul language were an indication of things to come. He only stayed a second, refused to listen to anything we said, and then spat on John before taking off.

Can you believe it?

Read the reports. See the pictures.

We called the police. They arrived and said:

“If you’re going to be in the streets, talking on this issue, you’d better expect
some harassment. If someone spits on you, you can punch them in the face.”

Of course, we can’t and won’t follow this advice. Our antagonists are not our teachers.

I simply share these stories to give you an idea of what our young volunteers face everyday as they crusade for traditional marriage.

And I ask you to please continue supporting the young men with prayers and donations – donations are a splendid way to encourage them and keep them on the front lines for traditional marriage.

Because when I tell the members of the “caravans” about your prayers, emails of supports and donations to keep them going, they light up; they are happy; they start the next day of campaigning with more vim and vigor.

And by donating a tank of gas, you become a long distance participant of the “caravans.” You share in their challenges and crosses. You receive all the jeers and cheers they get every day. You participate in their joys and sorrows; in their love of God and desire to protect God’s marriage in America for the next generation.

You may not have the time to stand on the street corner and hold a HONK sign for traditional marriage.

But by your heartfelt prayers and financial support, you are holding that sign in the persons of the members of the Saint Joseph Caravans. You are making it possible from a distance.

%between%Until the next report, I remain,

For God’s marriage!

John Ritchie
TFP Student Action Director

PS – Most importantly, please pray. Every night, we say an extra rosary for the Saint Joseph Caravans. Will you pray with us? That will be your extra special gift to Our Lady and your vital supernatural contribution for the future of the family in America.

Read reports from the Saint Joseph caravan actions here.


Tell me again how harmless they are and how they only want the ‘rights’ granted everyone else.


They are harmless and they only want the rights granted everyone else. :smiley: NOT.


I just discovered that Home Depot is sponsoring a homosexual ‘pride’ agenda, and that they have connections to Pepsico (via a board member).

Well, there goes my washing machine and dryer and flooring.


Homosexuals brainwashing our children in elementary schools

Extremely slick propaganda directed at the youngest of children! The videos below are from It’s Elementary, a 78-minute feature film produced by homosexual activists. These are actual scenes from elementary schools in Massachusetts and New York. It’s Elementary is meant to be a training video for homosexual activist teachers across the country. In addition, the film itself has been shown to schoolchildren in public schools in Massachusetts and elsewhere.
This is what is actually going on in more and more elementary schools across America. **Watching this will really affect you! You will not believe what you are seeing. **


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