Thai cave rescue diver Beiret Bureerak dies 17 months after getting blood infection saving teen football team

Thai navy SEAL Petty Officer Beiret Bureerak has become to second diver from the expedition to die, after Sergeant Saman Kunan died during the operation.

The rescue took place after the children were stranded in Tham Luang caves during the rainy season in June last year.

Indeed, may his soul rest in peace, he died helping those kids and one of the other divers died too. The Sun has an illustration of how these divers had to navigate fairly narrow tunnels to get to the youth soccer team.


This is a sad story. Praying for the repose of his soul. A brave man.


As I said, I saw illustrations of the narrow tunnels these divers had to swim to get to the soccer players and rescue them. When this story happened too at first, it occurred to me. How did the team get there in the first place? Anyway, they were saved by these brave men. I think their time was running out, they had to be saved.

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