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I have been advised by my counsellor to take up Thai Chi. To help me with my depression,anxiety and to help me relax. Am I able to do this as a Catholic? Any answers are appreciated beforehand and God Bless :slight_smile:

Tai Chi (“tie chee”) is how its usually spelled in English :slight_smile:

Just approach it as exercise, no impact, very relaxing. Very few tai chi teachers will try and push their beliefs on you, if they happen to be of the Taoist or Buddhist persuation.

I’ve taken Tai Chi classes at my college. It’s taught as nothing but an excercise/martial art. So I’d say it’s fair game, similar to the way Yoga is taught.

Thank you for the spelling correction. I just knew that when I was writing Thai, it did’nt look right. But I keep on making that same mistake!:banghead:
Ok. I may check Tai Chi out then :slight_smile:

Thank you. But I know there is an issue with Catholics doing yoga :confused:

Again, as long as you only embrace the exercise or physical benefits from yoga, tai chi, or other martial arts or exercise systems, and do not embrace the beliefs, it is okay. If embracing the beliefs of the system is said to be required to full benefits of the exercises, then it should not be done.

Only real yoga as it is taught by Hindus. Yoga as most Americans know it is nothing but organized stretching.

Thank you. Feel relieved :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am versed in several martial arts. I studied tai chi also and it is more than exercise if taught by a ligetimate instructor. My teacher never tried to push any philosofy on me only the art. It is great!!! I really enjoyed it and you will too. The breathing part is very good for you as well as the exercise. Now if you have a legit teacher he or she can teach you the self defense as well. It is actually a very old and dangerous martial art. Again i say go for it and enjoy.:thumbsup:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

It is the meditation aspect of yoga that should not be done by Catholics (or anyone Christian, for that matter). It is based on a type of spirituality that is directly opposed to Christianity. The sheer exercise, hatha yoga or Tai Chi, should not impact your faith at all. If there is voiced meditation along with the exercises, I would say no. But from what I have seen of Tai Chi, it is just very slow and graceful movements, sometimes set to music. Proceed with caution.

Thank you RealJuliane :thumbsup:

I would agree on the meditation i personally have not done that aspect but we did at the begining of class do deep breathing along with warming up as well as clearing our minds to focus.

Christians can always substitute the “Jesus” prayer or any other Christian prayer when told to “go within” or whatever, in a yoga or Tai Chi course.

Our instructor never asked us to do any prayer meditations or anything of the sort. We just cleared our minds as for focusing nothing more and nothing less, no prayer poses or anything similiar to what goes on in yoga. They are two very different things. One ,tai chi, is a martial art from china, two,yoga is an exercize that incorporates chants and prayer poses
Originating from india. They are very different from different countries.:thumbsup:

Ooooo…did’nt know know this. Interesting. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s fine. Some people might express objection to it because in some cultures it has a spiritual aspect to it, and some seem to think that this spiritual aspect is inseperable from the physical. But if we’re going to go back far enough, the origins of martial arts are nothing more than an art form - no spirituality or fight training was meant.

Thank you. I just want to use it for relaxation and lower my stress. I dont want to take any pills for depression and anxiety. Thats why counsellor suggested Tai Chi :thumbsup:

Farsight my brother i know this should be about the op question but you are wrong. Matial arts were all about preservation in very dangerous times. These people trained daily for the protection of themselves and the village and family. Although some martial arts are translatted today as exercise here in usa, they have a very different meaning in the land of their origin. In fact only after wwll were some taught as exercise to american soldiers. The asians did not want to share there true art to the giegen or barbarianswho were occupying there lands. They were taught watered down school children martial arts. Go to okinawa and you would see a very different art than you see here. Luckily the original arts have been preserved and taught to select people who have over the years brought the true intent of the martial arts here to USA. I couldsit here all night and teach on this but i dont want to derail the op. God bless:thumbsup:

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