Than you, God

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for saving my grandson and his wife in Tuscaloosa. They heard the storm coming and hid in the bathtub. When there was a lull, they opened the door of their apartment and saw blue sky. The grabbed their computers and ran to a friend’s house. A fire truck picked them up and took them the rest of the way. Why grab computers, you ask? Grandson is working on dissertation and all his stuff was on there. His wife wants to go back to California. I thought them they have earthquakes there and his reply was that she is used to those. They were scared to death. Thank you, God, for sparing them.

Amen! Thank you, God!

All thanks and praise be to Thee, O Lord, for your mercies and grace.

Thank you God that they made it safely throughout the storm!

Thank You Lord for watching over me in the fire!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and forever!

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