Thank all who responded to my Ephesians 5, 21-32 thread

I cannot get over how much I have learned just from reading the first of 8 groups of responses (9 pages out of 68). Particular thanks to Trishie, Joe 5859, SMOM, twf, Garyjohn2, cargau, Ben F, houseofsaul and Actaeon. Know that all of you have helped bring me closer to God. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart

Glad I could offer some insight. God Bless.


Glad I could assist, although I must tip my hat to the lifeteen organization and my priest’s recent homily on the subject, since I drew my exposition largely from their insight!

Peace be with you, Tim!

Thank you for taking the time to make a thread of appreciation.
It speaks volumes about your spirit.
Thankfulness, gratitude, is a great gift.
I see Adam and Eve’s sin as one of ingratitude.
Instead of being thankful to God for all the wonderful gifts He had given, they became obsessed with the one thing He denied them. They craved it, and seized it.
When there is gratitude in someone’s heart and words, I am always filled with admiration and thankfulness to see God’s grace welcomed and evident in someone’s attitude, Tim
May God’s light and love envelop and fill you

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