Thank God for Bishop David Foley (Birmingham)


Bishop Foley was at Sacred Heart Church last night to celebrate the vigil Holy Mass and to install a dozen and a half or so deacon candidates as acolytes. During his homily he made a strong statement for the Church as purveyor of truth and against a “cafeteria approach” to Catholicism. At one point someone in the back let out an audible “Amen” in response to a point he made. I wanted to several other times, but I thought it might be indecorous. However, inside I was :dancing:ing.



Code: ZE04121002

Date: 2004-12-10

Stay Faithful to Magisterium, Pope Exhorts U.S. Bishops

Meets Prelates From Minnesota and the Dakotas

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 10, 2004 ( John Paul II concluded a series of meetings with U.S. bishops with an exhortation to proclaim Christ and to be faithful to the Church’s teaching authority.

Looks like he’s taking this seriously!




Amen!!! I was in Birmingham once and attended Mass and was shocked at the sinfullness and cafeteria approach of the parish. That was a long time ago and I trust things are better.


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