Thank God for the Sacraments - struggles with SSA


I recently wrote about my struggles with SSA and how I had slipped and fallen. I got lots of good advice and acted upon. I picked myself up, went to confession as soon as I could, and have received a lot of encouragement. It really helps to pray for the Holy Spirit’s help in trying to live a holy life.
I am determined to live a chaste life and I am so grateful for my Catholic faith. Without that, I would have no hope.
Thanks for the help, guys.


I didn’t see your original post, but thank you for writing this one! No matter what we struggle with, we are all in need of the sacraments and thank GOD we have them!!! I admire your conviction, and applaud your desire to live chastely…something we should all strive for, no matter what our orientation or marital status. May God continue to bless you, and fulfill your desire for holiness.


Thanks for the encouraging thread. I have my own struggles( not SSA but serious struggles just the same). The Sacraments and the many examples of prayer in the church are my lifeline .


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