Thank You all


I just got back from my first confession in over 30-40 years. I talked to you all in the thread I made about clothes for church.

I was in with the priest like 20 minutes. He asked about all the marriages and started with the ten commandments. After pouring my heart out to him. He said some prayer, then He gave me my pennance.

5 hail Mary’s???
I said to him " You mean I dont have to say a 100 rosarys? He smiled and said, " Son, Welcome back"

I stood next to my motorcycle in the parking lot, looked up at the sky, and cried. I dont cry! It was like a huge boulder was taken off my shoulders.

Tommorrow, I will be going to my first Mass (8 am) in forever. I will receive Communion too. I cant believe I went today. Everyone who responded to my plea in my last thread, gave me the courage to go today.

God bless you all.


Welcome home!!:clapping:



~~ the phoenix


It is such a joy to read your testimony, outfctrl!
Hey, I had tears in my eyes for reading your post. I couldn’t imagine how happy you were when you came out of the confessional room!

Thanks be to God!

outfctrl, One thing I would like to share with you - keep going to confession very regularly - at least once a month. I too once skip confession for some time, but now I can’t have enough of it. The sacrament helps us our spiritual life. We come to confess not just our sins but to ask God to change us.

God bless you!


it was.

welcome back.


I talked to you earlier this week, and all I can say is: Praise be God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!!

Whoohoo, now if that isn’t a feeling of relief, what is?

You, my friend are living the parable of the Prodigal Son. There is joy in heaven this day because of YOU!!

I wish I could inspire others in my family to do the same as you have done.

Your humility is an example to us all.

P. S. Be careful on your bike, I just lost a dear HD-riding friend due to an intoxicated driver. Maybe my late friend can be your patron saint.


:extrahappy: :blessyou: :extrahappy: YEAH!


Alleluia! :extrahappy: :clapping: :blessyou: :hug3: Praise God!!


I have one issue

I am single…How am I going to abstain?

This will be torture


Lots of prayer, and a trip back to the confessional if you slip up. :yup:

Single here too, I know it’s tough.

Better a little ‘torture’ now than eternal torture later.


Click on the internet and find the fastest way to order Christopher West’s “Theology of the Body for Beginners”.

It’s a great explanation of God’s purpose for your sexuality.

Read it and ponder it. It can change your entire outlook about who you are and in whose Image you’re made.


First, Praise be to God you are back in all the fullness of our wonderful Catholic Faith. I am in awe of what you have done and am thrilled for you.

Now to your question, you will abstain because you know this is what God is asking you to do, He will give you the grace to do so. Frequent Confession, Mass as often as your job allows you and on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. Immerse yourself in your Parish life to find new friends. And if you should fall, you have recourse to Confession again.

You might want to sign up or join the next RCIA class just for the knowledge you might gain there. You also have all of us here praying for you.

God be Praised for your coming back home!

Brenda V.


Lift weights, go on runs, learn something, work a little harder, play a little harder, enjoy life without the pressure.

There is pressure in trying to conform to the style of today. Imagine how nice it would be to just go out with a girl and respect her. No more pressure to score, but to actually enjoy a person’s company.

My return to the Church required a system clean up, and it really has opened up a whole new world for me as my life is not revolving around pleasure and fulfilling desires, but actually enjoying life.

In Christ

Temptation is everywhere, yet you will get used to fighting it and when you fall there is confession. Hopefully though you will use confession to eventually make your confessions short and more innocent. It takes work to follow Christ, but it is the way that makes you a real man or woman.


This brought tears to my eyes! God blessed you with a gem of a priest for your return to the sacrements. —KCT


I havent said my pennance yet. I am getting ready for bed. I now will do it.

All your support is such an inspiration for me.

I hope I can maintain my Faith. I am kinda wild at heart and have a real soft spot for women.

I have a feeling its gonna be a tough road to wander for me.


Guess you won’t be nearly as “out of control” as you were…:smiley:


Welcome home!! And congratulations!!

Chastity is definitely a challenge many people struggle with. With frequent Confession, Mass, and prayer, it will become easier. It is possible with Gods grace, but you cant do it on your own. If you slip up, get to Confession, and keep on trying.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We will keep you in our prayers!




Of course it is. But not has hard as what Christ did for you.


The angels in heaven are rejoicing (see Luke 15:10), and so am I! Welcome back!


This is such wonderful news!!! :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:

Welcome back!!

Old habits are going to be hard to break - give yourself the time you need, but don’t be too soft on yourself, either - get to Confession early and often, every time you need it - you won’t regret it. :bounce: :bounce:

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