Thank you CAF


I just wanted to thank all of you wonderful people.

I joined this site quite a while ago. I was using ABC at the time. I knew that it was wrong but I had such misguided and misrepresented “facts” about NFP that I was scared to use it. I was a second year medical student so you can imagine what I learned in school about NFP. I was and am married to my wonderful Catholic husband but felt so guilty about taking the pill. I had some terrible side effects including weekly, numbing migrains and lack of libido.

It took this site for me to say enough is enough. I took stock of my actions and did my own research. I talked to women at my school that were devout Catholics. They both used Creighton. I knew God was guiding me to the Truth and showing me that He loves us and has a plan for our life. I was away from my husband for 3 months during my third year of medical school for an away rotation. I decided that I would stop taking the pill and pray. At the time I lamented having to be away from my husband for that long, but now looking back, I understand why God sent me away. I needed this time to reflect and get closer to God. I came back and talked with my husband and he understood and agreed wholeheartedly with my decision. I went to confession and partook of the Eucharist with a clear conscience. I learned NFP and never looked back.

It is not always easy but it is worth it. Now, I am a huge advocate of NFP, talking about it openly with my friends. I even started a Catholic Club at my medical school and our first presentation was given by an NFP instructor.

I wanted to thank you all for helping me right this wrong. I was always a “good” Catholic, but I was terrified of letting God lead my life. But once we took the leap, we both feel God’s Mercy and Grace work in our marriage and in our life.

Thank you all


Alleluia!!! :extrahappy: Praise God!!! He has done a great work in you. What you wrote above is the main problem for so many people, fear. Fear of REALLY trusting God, with everything. Fear of giving up control. Marriage is one of those areas that we think we have to do, and God just doesn’t really get involved. How wrong that is. I know that my marriage is SO much better now that we have given everything to God, including our fertility. He is so good! :smiley:


As they say in the Baptist church I used to go to…

AMEN!!!:clapping: :extrahappy:


That is wonderful. Just think of all the people you might influence in your medical practice.

I have some friends who want to find a way to educate medical students about the truth of NFP. If you have any sugestions, let me know.


They should first find out if there is a Catholic organization on campus. Catholic Medical Student Association has a website that lists some of the cities.

If they don’t, they can contact the student life/resource center (call the main number and ask for the person who works with the students, everone has one) at the medical college and seeing if they have a Catholic Club, Christian Club or an OB/GYN club. They can go from there.

Good luck


Praise God! I am so happy for you and your husband!


God Bless!



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