Thank you Camerong

I just finished my first reading of ‘Crossing the Threshold of Hope’. Now I’m going to sit down and thoroughly digest it.

I find it difficult to put to much to in thoughts at this point. I’m not sure anyone will understand what I’m about to say, perhaps because I’m not sure I even understand. I’m going to simply give you my feelings.

First, surprise, at many things.

Second, even though I’m almost 60, and believe I’m more knowledgeable about religion than most anyone I know; compared to Pope John Paul, I’m nothing more than an unlearned and unwise child. I’m not saying I’m accepting Catholicism. I am saying the world of my frame of reference has been shattered.

Your post is quite beautiful and very moving. I backtracked through your older posts (via your profile) to see the nature of your issues and to learn ‘who is cameron?’ This post of yours, re John Paul II’s Crossing the Threshhold of Hope is so simple and so humble. Guess you’ve shattered my world-view a bit! God bless you.

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