Thank you everyone for your support


I would just like to extend my thanks to everyone here who has been so supportive of me over the past few months. i have been obscenely honest about my debt, my anxiety and worries, and of course, my recent idea to sell homemade burritos. Generally speaking, everyone has been supportive of me and I am so thankful for all of you. Even those that have had critical comments, I know that they were only to be helpful. I hope that DH and I are turning a new corner. We are meeting with our Crown Money Coach tonight to set our new “spending plan” (AKA budget) into place, I have gotten some meds for my constant anxiety and it is no more, and best of all, I have done some research about selling my burritos and I do not need to have health inspectors, a licence or the like. For now. If I do end up doing well, then I will need those things at that time. So this weekend I’ll be a burrito making mama! DH is taking some to school this Friday for freebies to pass around before I advertise for orders next week. Anyway, thanks again. DH and I live pretty far from our families and we work outside of where we live, so we don’t have many friends. But I do feel as if I have dozens of friends here. God bless you all today and always. twk


:hug1:** Your post made me happy, thanks!!! I’m glad things are moving in the right direction for your family!



how refreshing it is to hear from someone who is being proactive, having asked for advice, is now taking it, and has dealt positively and concretely with many challenges, and making a plan and following it, it takes great strength of will and I salute you. we of course will be doing a good deal of praying for you


Oh Oh–I heard about this Crown Money program last week on a Christian talk show on the radio. I would be interested in your updates, and if you could share what you’ve been learning. I like how he calls it a spending plan and not a budget. I cringe at the word–budget. :o Good luck to you!! (and your burrito biz):thumbsup:


Take a photo of those first burritos, and post it here! Glad things are working out.


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