Thank you for a lifetime memory

Hi all,

I am one to believe, if there is something you need to say to somebody, say it before it is too late.

I want to offer to you, from the bottom of my heart my appreciation for making me feel at home and welcomed into your community. :grouphug:

Without all of your loving care and feedback from the threads in which I posted and/or the treads I read without posting, I could not have realized the reason why God has called me here.

Having said that, I want to thank each and every one of you for the tremendous impact you had on my life and the prayers you have said for me. I can assure you that you are all in my prayers.

My experience here has been nothing short of wonderful to say the least. Thank you all again for making me feel welcomed here.

I believe that God sent me hear to open the eyes of my :heart: to what true Catholicism is about and the dedication by Catholics and commitment to thier faith, to which I have to admit, has very much exceded my expectations. WOW!!!

I believe I understand Catholics better now thanks to everyone in this community.

I am sorry to say that there are non Catholic Christians who give Catholicism a bad name, which I have no doubt you are aware of. I never liked hearing it, but I never did anything, :frowning: I am sorry, to defend my former religion I grew up with.

I believe God has also called me here to be at least one voice **on behalf of the Catholics **to speak up.

I will try my best in that…anytime I hear someone saying anything durrogatory about Catholics, I will definitely take a stand.

If they knew what I knew from being here, there is no way anyone would talk in any kind of negative tone about the Catholic community. I honestly believe that. :slight_smile:

After all, we all are Christian brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.:smiley:

I believe that God also led me hear to illustrate to Catholics that all non-catholics do not fall under the “Protestant” umbrella or whatever you want to call it.

In my recent thread,
**Is there hope for me even though I am not Roman Catholic? **, I found out that there are mixed feelings and/or beliefs amongst all Christians as to whether or not there is hope for me to be saved and have eternal life in heaven.

Since being a non-Catholic there were a few people who thought that I had a “Once Saved Always Saved you can sin however you want and God will forgive you belief.

I said, in the thread and I will say it here, anyone who believes that salvation is, you can sin however you want and God will forgive you without any sincere repentance or confession, I believe has a very bad misunderstanding on what salvation is.

Having said that, I have come to the conclusion that I believe that the reason God sent me here is to illustrate just that…
to be witness to the areas of misunderstanding between everyone in His Chistian family.

BTW, is there a family where all get along ALL the time and there are no misunderstandings?

**I do not know of one, so why should God’s family be any different?:wink: **

If you are interested, I believe my best posts that addresses the challenges in our differences can be found in my response to jmcrae,

In closing, I hope you do not mind, but I love the movie Lion King 2because, at the end of the movie there is the song,

“Love will Find A Way”

There is also a scene which touched my :heart: and I know I will treasure my whole Christian life.

It reminds me of who Jesus is,

Our King

and how I believe He sees each and every one of us, Christian and non-Christian alike.

In the closing scene, as Simba and Zira were just about to fight it out, Kiara and Kovu jump between them and Kiara stands up to her father and says,

“Daddy, this has to stop”

A wise King once told me, “We are one.” I didn’t understand what he meant… now I do

Them… us. Look at them… they are us. What differences do you see? Aren’t** we all **part of the Circle of Life?

By being here, you all had a tremendous impact on my life.
Even though I am not Catholic, I feel very much part of your family.
And why shouldn’t?

I beleive, we all are part of Jesus’ “Circle of Life”

In closing, I invite you to visit my thread, Shine Jesus Shine, where you can post your testimony on the impact Jesus had on your life. There are some beatiful testimonies I am sure you will be blessed by.

Thank you again for love and I will always keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Speaking of which, I have posted a prayer because I believe we all realize there are “prisoners” of the world who are in Satan’s grasp who do not know and/or worship Jesus and are away from His church.

My heart bleeds because I realize that some of those “prisoners” are loved ones of your family and friends who have not only abandoned God’s church but abandoned God entirely.

I believe we all share the same mission and that is to do whatever it takes, in Jesus’ name, so He can set the “prisoners” free.

Will you join me in prayer?

May God bless all of you abundantly,

And thank YOU for this wonderful post.

May Our Lord Jesus continue to guide you until you are with Him in eternity.

You will be remembered during my 2:00 AM hour of Eucharistic Adoration on the weekends.


Thank you so much for your wonderful Christian spirit.
Thank you for your promise to defend us as Catholics.
I ask the Holy Spirit to be with you always.
I ask God to flood your life with His blessings.

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

Warm regards, Trishie

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