Thank you for being charitable

Several years ago a Catholic friend directed me to this site for information on some questions I had.

Recently I was directed here by Google search for something.

These forums are so much more charitable and pleasant than my experience here years ago.

I wanted to say thank you. And let you know outsiders DO notice!

:flowers: Thank you for the acknowledgement and I’m sorry your past experience was not so pleasant. I hope you can stay around with us for a long time. :hug1:




Happy to hear as such and glad you stopped back by!
God Bless~

So nice to hear. Blessings to you and welcome!

Thank you for your kind words. Glad to have you here with us. Join in & grow in faith. God bless.

I don’t know about years and years ago, but in recent months things have cleaned up. :thumbsup:

From my perspective as a long-time member, and not Catholic, this is the best forum site for Christian dialogue that I am familiar with. We all owe Karl Keating a debt of gratitude.


People are flawed and in need of redemption pretty much wherever you go. It’s problem in the human condition! Catholics call it original sin. Of course, we also believe that Jesus came to provide that for us and offers the Grace to overcome those flaws.

Sometimes we do a good job of that. Other times… not so much. We ain’t done cookin’ till we’re dead. (And usually a while after that!). After that you’d REALLY be impressed! :slight_smile:


I would also add that the moderators do an amazing job - I’ve been gently corrected for the benefit of the forum (any my own benefit.)

Agreed. This is by far the most charitable place to converse with other Christians, and it’s entirely thanks to the mods. Eric’s not allowed to retire.

Don’t believe me? Just read one thread on that other board that shall not be named… Not exactly a safe place for catholics of any stripe.

Pretty much any and every forums needs moderation today.

I just spent about an hour over there to see what you were talking about. Wow. The lack of charity by these “Christians” is shocking.

Funny, “those we don’t speak about” banned me after three posts in a very anti-Catholic thread about “Catholics’ Idolatrous worship of Mary”. I guess I made too much sense. :slight_smile:

Edit: If you don’t get the reference to “those we don’t speak about”, watch the M. Night Shyamalan movie “The Village”. I hope you relish it as a I do.

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