THANK YOU~for replies to "Babbling in Confession"

I tried to post this in the appropriate thread, but it had been closed.

Thank you again everyone!

Thank you again Father, for going into a lengthy explanation to clear my troubled mind…this defintely gives you Kudos for performing your act of Mercy for the day in “Counselling the Doubtful”. LOL! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

LOL! Sorry about that! My poor confessor! I wasn’t trying to treat the priest as clueless, but detailed examination of conscience lists put such emphasis on reminding the faithful not to be purposely vague or to conceal anything, that the onus is on us to be sincere, clear and concise for absolution, that we forget the confessor can figure out too what we’re trying to say if we get stressed and ramble a bit. (Like me this instance. LOL!)

To “Convert in 99” : RE: OCD issues. I apologise, I didn’t mean to throw the term around or make light of it :frowning: ~ I have impulse control issues, and anxiety attacks when I was younger, plus several things that make me suspect a lesser or milder form of OCD, judging from the self-diagnosis checklists you can get these days, however, it was never extreme to the point of being completely dibilitating~only until this last bout with confession that makes me obssess if I’ve done something wrong! I’ve had it lately, but not as bad as this, which just made wonder if I shouldn’t get myself properly diagnosed, hence my comment on ‘OCD’. I do sincerely feel for those who have full-blown OCD, my prayers are with you.

Which reminds me: I recently read a book on St. John Bosco’s 40 dreams, and if anyone has any serious problems with scruples or OCD, etc, I suggest you don’t read the book! Follow the advice of your own confessor who knows you.

What St John was warned about concerning his students and their consciences may be a completely different thing for another sinner and their conscience. The book got me on a spiritual panic streak regarding examination of conscience! :eek: Hence the general confession just to make sure I’m on the right track with the Almighty!

Despite my confusion brought forward in the my other post, the one good thing about this last general confession was I recalled things I had forgotten and never confessed before, so it was a good ‘spring cleaning’ in that sense, but if you’re over scrupulous or suffer from OCD, I’d stay clear from that book about St. Bosco’s dreams! Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

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