Thank you for the heatwave prayers! But


Hello all,

remember i posted a post asking you all for your prayers for the heatwave to end? well, it did. Thanks be to God! He has heard my prayers and yours! Now, because of the intense heatwave we suffered through, and could suffer through again, iam going to ask you for one more favor please!

there is a forest fire raging in southern BC not to far as the crow flies from where my mother has 67 acres of land. my mom lives there, and it is a very lovely piece of land. iam terrified that the fire will come close to her property and she will lose everything. it has been so dry from the heatwave, that the forests are on fire everywhere! please, pray for rain! please ask the Heavenly Father to spare her property and those of others in that area that might be or are facing property loss because of the raging fires!

again, i thank you for your prayers! they are much appreciated!


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner and on the request of my friend



Praying for this situation.


will be praying, cuz we have recent proof of the power of prayer. last day of our retreat director commented we had prayed for rain, and it rained all week, effectively ending their drought, and also gas prices were down about 40 cents, so we said go for it and had an extended intercessory prayer session.


there is always proof of the power of prayer annie:)


you are so right, and how often to we miss, ignore or just forget about the evidence?





Your heat wave from Canada has come down here in the U.S, east coast. Hopefully, the fall will come sooner than later.

God Bless


Praying for rain …

~~ the phoenix


the heatwave is pretty much world wide. iam not on the east coast.




You are in my prayers for rain. I wish that some of our North Texas rain last month could have gone your way. All the lakes around Dallas overflowed and caused a lot of damage here.

God bless,


My dear SIL told me that in their area, everything is on fire:( everything. the smoke is so thick that asthmatics can’t stay there. if they do, they do not leave their house:( They would love to have your rain believe me. We also need rain where we live, we desperately need it, but not as much as these folks in southern BC.


Dear Lord, please hear this child’s request for her mom


child eh?:smiley: iam 41:D yep, been a long time since i have been a happy go lucky kid:D thanks for the compliment:D


Ask your mom, you will always be her child, glad to have made you smile:D




Giving thanks for places where the heatwave has come to the end and keeping in prayer those places where heatwaves are now setting in. Praying for rain and an end to any bushfires…

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