Thank you for your prayers


Dear Friends at CAF,

A few months ago I asked that you all pray for my friend Jan who underwent 6 weeks of radiation treatments, then was to have Cancer surgery. She did all that plus more and underwent her surgery on May 19th. Her right kidney and right colon were excised, (the kidney was expected, the colon was a surprise) and yes, it was cancer.

The doctors believe they got all the cancer, but she will be going through another week or two of radiation after she’s healed about a month post-surgery, just to make sure the borders are cancer free.

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. Jesus listened to us all and blessed her. I told her to trust in Jesus and she was not disappointed. Thank you all…prayers do work, Jesus does listen and act. Thank you, thank you, thank you and May God bless you all for your help.



I’m very happy for you! :smiley:


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