Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Some time back I asked prayers for a friend who was applying for a much needed job and also had suffered much and his Faith seemed to be swinging in a precarious balance. And it was indeed and looked grim.
He did not get that job and is still applying for jobs. I rang him tonight to find out how he is and out the blue in the middle of our conversation he said something that made my heart soar in gratitude : “There is a God” This is not a man to make idle comments anywhere on any subject. A man of few words meaning what he says.
Thank you all so much…I have been concerned about him for a very long time and in constant touch with him. He is happy and still plodding along on a difficult path but now it is a walk with The Lord. Thank you all so very much "where two or more are gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst of them"
We may not always get the answer to prayer we hoped for…but when it does happen - what joy!

Blessings and thank you all again…I am in tears, I have just hung up from him…Barb:thumbsup:
iHs - Deo Gratius!


Praise the LORD ! This is wonderful ! I am happy for both of you . I am sure the Lord has a job coming to him very soon ! Let him hold the faith . This makes me so happy , as I also asked for prayers for people to change in heart . I am sure that I know the lord will change them in heart and mind and turn their hearts closer to our Lord in actions and ways . It makes me smile to see when God changes people and lives . All glory and honour is yours Almighty Father , ! Thank you Lord ! Praise be to God ! God Bless both of you . , John


It is always great to proclaim the Lord. I hope he finds the job he wants. May the Lord look on him and show His mercy.


God is good and His mercy endures forever! I’m glad he has seen the Lord’s hand in things and still holds on to it.:slight_smile: Tim


Praise God Almighty!!:slight_smile:


The Lord is kind and merciful! So happy to join you in prayer for this man and his family;)


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