Thank you God

I just wanted to offer thanks to God for prayers answered. There are so many that I can’t even count and I feel so fortunate to be in His good graces. Thank you God for hearing my prayers and for being there for me every time I have needed you. Thank you for forgiving me my wrongs and loving me just the way I am. I need you every single day of my life, without you I would certainly be lost. :slight_smile:

Joining In prayers for our God for answered prayers. May you continue to be blessed abundantly.


Amen!! As do I!!

God bless!!

Amen. I keep thinking about that passage “would your Father hand you a stone when you asked for bread?”. No, he never does. No, he gives us what we ask, if it is good for us. Thank you God, Thanks you Jesus.

Yes … Thanks be to God!

“And in all this We give thanks to God the Lord of the worlds, and We praise Him under all circumstances: verily H’e is a witness unto all things.”

~ Abdu’l-Baha, A Traveller’s Narrative, p. 82

Beautiful sentiments :slight_smile:

Gratitude opens the door to grace.

I like this line from Rumi:

“Your depression is connected to your insolence and refusal to praise”

And this one:

“The sun goes out whenever the cloud of not-praising comes”

I join with all of you in praise and thanksgiving to God for blessings and graces received, as well as strength given during times of struggle and trials…

Praise God, always and forever.

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