Thank you -- Happy 2009!



I am sitting here blogging about 2008 since my penance is to reflect on what the past year was like for me. Oh my! I mean, just absolutely oh my! I truly am lucky to be alive considering the godless year I was having up until Our Blessed Mother, once more, wrapped me in her loving arms, and guided me back to Jesus, her Son, through the Church – which happened in July. I am so lucky, and so blessed!

And I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to anyone and everyone who has ever read or commented on one of my many threads as I have tried my hardest to return to the faith, to know what the faith is, and how to live in the moment which God gives me. Bless you all! Even if you think your comment or reply meant nothing – trust me, considering the lonesome year I was experiencing up until July, every word has been priceless.

God bless you! And Happy 2009!


Our dear friend
Thank you for your generous post.
You are in our love and prayers.

God’s kindest blessings to you!

A hug!



I am so glad to see a post from you that shows signs of peace and joy! I hope this continues in 2009 - may you have a very blessed new year!


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