Thank you Holy Mother, St. Joseph and St Rita :)


Just posting a thank you from me to the Holy Family + St. Rita. Until recently my fiance and I were living in sin, with aboslutly no apparent way out from my perspective. The idea of moving out really hurt her (she felt I was trying to kick her out), and was actually not practical anyway since the only place for her to go would be her parents house. Which if she moved back there, they are

1 remodeling her room already

2 along with a lot of the rest of the house

3 are paying for our wedding

4 would be convinced, if she moved back in with them that we were breaking up. Can you say awkward?

But after saying an (incomplete) novena to St. Rita, a Novena to St. Joshep, and starting every moring at the office by praying a prayer to Mary someone else posted to this forum a workable solution has been found for this problem.

Last saturday I went for a consultation about this issue with my pastor, durring confession hours. I explained what was happening, and the general situation going on, and asked for his advice. He suggested it would be acceptable for us to live under the same roof, but in seperate rooms. Then he did something I didn't expect (since I sat down face to face and said I was here for a consultation), he offered aboslution!

So having been absolved, I went home and with some trepidation considered how to ask her if it would be OK for us to live in seperate rooms. When I got home, I told her all about it (she already knew I was going there to talk to the preist about it), and she said she was really happy that things worked out the way they did and seems really happy with the idea of us living in seperate rooms until we're married.

I have to say I wasn't expecting things to go that easily, but I'm very happy they did. I can honestly say, I really can't imagine any other man in the world right now, who could possibly be happier to be sleeping on the living room couch!


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