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I reviewed the ideas expressed by Ms Rubin and while these ideas are favored by contemporaries they prove themselves to be opposed to Christian beliefs insofar as the ideas are built on foundations which are technically,astronomically and geometrically incorrect.

I have not resorted to language that is beyond any reader however when my Church ignores the emergence of a relativistic concept which at its core has an idea that ‘time’ can be altered by moving faster I assure you there is little room to discuss the connection between the temporal and Eternal or the Infinite and the definite in terms of Christ and Christianity.

I respect that the plug was pulled on the ‘geocentric’ thread and I am prepared to leave this be for a while but nobody should be pleased with themselves.Newton adopted the wrong rotation rate for the Earth and set in motion an unfortunate trajectory of reasoning leading to relativity/qm.

No Catholic should have to do what I have done and I do not suggest that the scientific material means anything beyond its transition from a wonderful facet of Christian belief to its contemporary standing as a sterile substitute for belief. I object and resent that the Life of Christ which was previously comprehended against the fall of Adam is now removed to make way for these dumbed down arguments over natural creation.

For goodness sake,I can’t get a single person to acknowledge how the fundamental rotation of the Earth on its axis works via the Equation of Time correction ( 24 hours/360 deg) never mind making comments on the wider cosmos.Again,I really do mind that garden variety relativists like Ms Rubin imagine that a ‘dimension of time’ can be bottled up in a clock and from there go on to make spurious guesses on the structure and motion of the cosmos.

It is one thing to see the ‘wise’ caught in their own ruse,Isabel,it is quite another thing to explain to Catholics who are not familiar with the scientific material just exactly what that ruse is.It is an intricate process to uncover what went wrong but I sure could use some help in framing how a lapse in reasoning sent men chasing conceptual rainbows for 3 centuries.

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Oriel36, “your” Catholic Church is comprised of approximately one billion people world-wide. “I” favor Vatican Astrophysicist Vera C. Rubin from the Department of Terrestrail Magnetism scientific article that I presented in message #178 to this board. Please review her article by clicking on the following or the pdf:


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