Thank You - Lenten Ashes, Church Militant, and More

I want to say thanks to Lenten Ashes, Church Militant, and others.

I have had a wrestling match of sorts recently, as you may recall. I spent time with my former Baptist pastor, a great man that truly lives his faith, and helped lead me to faith.

I realize not all of my conversing with him helps me, and recently I found myself defending the Catholic faith in conversation with him, and seeing that he did not fully understand some of what’s taught.

Looking forward to Our Lord in the Eucharist this Sunday.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Thanks all.

Been to confession, right?

Tomorrow or Saturday - no time during the work week. Work gets in the way of all the good stuff.

Ain’t it the truth! If you pour yourself into confession knowing that God waits to destroy those sins, and that he does so at the word of His ambassador, the priest, you can leave the confessional feeling as though your feet are not touching the floor. This is often reported and I have experienced it.

As to the Baptist pastor, if he only knew…

You know - a while ago when I was really back and forth, I came to see Jesus in the Eucharist, with a lot of influence from Ignatius letter to the Smyrnaeans.

Even when I would bounce back to my old thinking, I couldn’t deny Christ in the Eucharist.

I guess that is my anchor.

There you go. Keep moving!

You are so welcome my friend. :slight_smile: Been praying for you as I figured you needed to do some searching here on your journey. Peaks and valleys.

I like your testimony on the Eucharist being the one mainstay that we can not deny. The Early Church believed it w/o a doubt!!! :thumbsup:

Baptists are great Christians too…they are the typically standing next to Catholics protesting outside abortion mills. They just have a truncated view of Christianity, unfortunately. But I like their faithfulness.

Anyway, if you remain in your current Parish, maybe you will be the one to spark the necessary change that seems to be needed there.

Thank you for your service to our Lord.


Amen! The source and summit of our faith.

:blush: I am humbled that I can help. I am an unworthy servant. I have only done what is expected of me. (See Luke 17:10)

I am grateful that you are doing better. It is indeed an answer to prayer.

I would add one thing that my old Baptist pastor told us many years ago which I think may also apply to yours. He said, “People may be very sincere in their beliefs but they can also be sincerely wrong.”

Hang in there and we are always here if you need us.:thumbsup:

Sorry for butting into this thread, but I have been unable to reply to your PM. I get a message saying that you don’t or can’t accept PMs. I don’t know if there is something about your settings that is causing this.

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