Thank You Lord for President Trump

No matter what else you might think about him THANK GOD he is prolife and speaks it without shame. His speech at the March for Life is amazing. The first president to address those marching IN PERSON. Thank you Lord for giving us a President who is not afraid to speak for the unborn, and all those who live from conception to natural death. God Bless him.


I agree completly


I’ll be remembering this if Joe Biden gets the nom and starts going on about his Catholicism.
When has Joe Biden ever made a speech like this? Never


To be honest I doubt he is capable of giving a speech like this. It would kill him politically and for him, his political standing is the most important thing.


I was truly impressed by his speech. It moved me to tears. It was nice to see Lila Rose standing behind him. The country needed this speech!


Love me some Trump!


I agree, despite all the problems, in this instance he is doing the right thing. Considering all the “Catholic politicians” out there, it is astonishing that a speech like this (and remember, people, that Presidential speechwriters have existed for eons and most of the presidents in the last few decades used them, so it does not matter if President Trump sat down and penned this whole speech himself or not) comes from somebody who is comparable to say Jim Bakker speaking among the college of Cardinals, and giving a more ‘Catholic’ speech than any of them.


I totally agree. He was never my top candidate, but the sanctity of life is my top political issue so I went with him and I glad I did. The state of this country and the world I have to raise my children in is downright frightening.

How did Bush never speak at the March? I was younger then so I didn’t really realize, but he was a phony. I think the world sees that now.


No complaints about the speech, yet what would make it a great speech, IMO, would be recognizing with encouragement, those mothers who unfortunately made the wrong choice of abortion, yet have remorse and carry the burden of sorrow for their sin. They too are never disqualified from turning to be a witness of the sanctity of life through penance and supporting efforts to fight against abortion.


I totally agree. Mr. Trump is one of the best presidents we’ve ever had.


Let’s make it extremely clear here that no Catholic on this forum is “worshipping” Donald Trump, and that the graphic to your article is borderline offensive on this forum as he’s not a saint either, and in Catholic iconography that halo is reserved for saints.

If people want to give thanks to God, that’s different from what your article is suggesting.


Yes, I think he’s the first GOP President who hasn’t done just enough to protect life to keep pro-life voters but without calculating that he not do so much that he’ll disaffect too many pro-abortion voters. That is a cynical calculation that I think others on the right have too often made, and it has always really bothered me when they do. No, his actions are all in, and that is very refreshing.

The problem is that he’s associating the pro-life cause with his overall willingness to demean other people. It is wonderful that he said, “we know that every human soul is divine and every human life, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of Almighty God.” That’s beautiful. The problem is, that isn’t really the way he talks about other people.

This is much better than using beautiful words all of the time and failing to protect the innocent. That’s true without a doubt. Having said that, it is hard to convince people currently outside the pro-life movement that the pro-life position is about respect for each person as the image of God when other things the speaker says and does are directly in opposition to that. That needs to be recognized as a real problem. We need to increase the fraction of people in this country who see the pro-life movement as profoundly respectful of the human person. He actually poses a hurdle to that, and that probably is our biggest challenge in growing the idea that the pro-life movement is all about respect for all persons.

But yes, acting and needing to clean up the talk is clearly better than talking and needing to bring the actions up to speed. It is just not enough yet. He can do a lot better, and he needs to if he’s going to bring a broad and lasting gain to the pro-life movement.


An article “calling out evangelicals specifically” is off topic on a Catholic thread called "Thank you Lord for President Trump.

Also, the graphic with the article is offensive to Catholics regardless of what the article is about. I don’t expect to see a misuse of sacred imagery on a Catholic forum.


I am the original poster and I feel like as a pro-life Catholic I am allowed here to express my thanks to God that we do have a President (despite his faults and despite him being pro-choice for most of his adult life) that is now a believer that all life should be protected and respected. The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways. First President to speak for life at the march for life. Again Thank You Lord.

It’s not how we start but how we finish in this life that matters.


Amen! The Silent No More Campaign is a beautiful witness to God’s all embracing love mercy and forgiveness.These brave women publicly testifying about their deep regret over their choice to abort their babies also dispels the lie that most women don’t regret their abortions.


I used to think that but after three years I no longer do.

For now I think this:


God Bless President Trump, Vice President Pence, and thier families!!


Amen and thank you.


And, President Trump was the first President that I can remember who specifically said that he would nominate pro-life Judges. I think it was kind of understood that Reagan (a great President) and W. would nominate mostly pro-life Judges, but they wouldn’t actually come out and promise it. President Trump is a good President for these times because he does not back down to the constant attacks from Democrats and their media.

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