Thank You Lord for President Trump

And, President Trump was the first President that I can remember who specifically said that he would nominate pro-life Judges. I think it was kind of understood that Reagan (a great President) and W. would nominate mostly pro-life Judges, but they wouldn’t actually come out and promise it. President Trump is a good President for these times because he does not back down to the constant attacks from Democrats and their media.


Here’s my cue to pick up my marbles and exit CAF.


Amen! Like when Trump retweeted ( showing agreement ) Wayne Allyn Root’s words that “the Jewish people love Trump like he is the second coming of God…like he’e the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God.” Rick Perry stated that Trump was “the chosen one” who was “sent by God to do great things.” Mike Pompeo said that Trump had been “raised” to save Israel. Trump himself said: “I am the Chosen One.” Maybe Trump indeed a prophet and savior of America and Israel after all.

He has speech writers. He says what they write. He will have them write whatever he thinks will keep his supporters behind him, and keep him in office and out of jail.


I strenuously object to the fact that I agree with you.

Bill Clinton?

Hate Donald Trump or hate him, it is indisputable that he has done more for the Catholic Church than any president in US history. Yes, John F. Kennedy included. To the chagrin of progressives, his predecessor did more harm to the Church than any president in history.

Since most US Catholics vote (D) out of habit, how could President Trump hope to gain votes by undoing what his predecessor did?


Not the same. Read history.

CajunJoy, you are the best.
I, too, pray for the President.
But I believe Trump wants to be re-elected. He knows that many Catholics are one issue voters. People who are old usually do to change their ways or their beliefs. But politicians are like the prefect of police in the classic movie, Casablanca, they blow with the wind.
Be that as it may, God bless You!

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You’re going to leave CAF because something is posted with which you don’t agree? :thinking:


No other options? lol

He is indeed the chosen one. He was chosen by the voters.


This one doesn’t!!! I’m independent.

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Based on reactions here…

I know, huh? CAF is…


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@DeniseNY @po18guy

Thanks for your feedback and giving me a chance to explain.

Translation: “This thread is not for me. I’m logging off.”
To me, “pick up my marbles and exit” sounds light-hearted.

And now, in a spirit of humor, I will say: “Elvis has left the building.” TTFN.

God bless you.

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This is an honest question: What falls into the category of doing things “for the Catholic Church”? (Kennedy seemed to bend over backwards to not look as if he was Rome’s lapdog, as that was a fear among non-Catholic voters). Do you mean doing things for Latino or hispanic Catholics? (This describes about 38% of us here in the US.) Do you mean doing things for Catholics who vote Republican? Catholics who vote Democratic? Doing what the bishops have taught that the civil government ought to do? I ask because it is impossible to say what President in US history has “done more for the Catholic Church” unless it is agreed upon what is and is not in that category.

I think that Donald Trump knows there are certain voters who won’t ever vote for him, and he really does not care how much he upsets them. If anything, upsetting those voters has this way of rallying those who are his strongest supporters, so in a political sense it is a no-lose to do things that upset the permanent hold-outs.

I’m not saying that it is OK to upset anybody just for the sake of upsetting them, but rather that the President realizes that getting some people in a spittle-flecked nutty isn’t necessarily going to harm him politically and trying to keep those people from doing that isn’t necessarily a political advantage. For better or worse, this is not a time in politics where success is to be had by trying to get everybody to like you. He definitely gets that.

Just want to give you kudos for that phrase! It’s great! :joy::joy::joy:

Do you know the blogger Fr. Z? I don’t know where he got it, but I’m pretty sure I picked that one up from him. Yes, in the current political climate, it is an extremely convenient turn of phrase–least funny to the people throwing a fit over their upset-du-jour, but what can you do? It fits! :laughing:

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When God sends a hero or a prophet, it is always someone who would rather die than even fib.
That’s my litmus test, anyway–that is, when someone uses any degree of falsehood to achieve the ends they want to achieve, they have shown they’re going their own way. I’m not saying they’re straight from Ol’ Scratch, but luring people who want to do good things into using evil means is straight out of the playbook of the evil one.

None of those God chose were doing the will of God when they did that. Never. Not King David, not then-Abram, not Isaac, none of them. Obviously they did it, but when they did, it was wrong. They had departed from the way of the Lord. That is not the way to be a faithful witness to the holy Name.

This is why I’m very hesitant to connect the Catholic Church to Donald Trump in any way. He has a hard time with the truth. He is also very uncharitable in his speech–very nasty! He says things that just do not need to be said in a way that is not Christian. No matter what else he accomplishes, that is a big deal. It causes scandal to say he is some kind of an ideal from a Catholic perspective, because it implies an end-justifies-the-means morality that is the antithesis of the Gospel.

That does not mean it is at all out of place to be thankful when he accomplishes something good and does it in a legitimate way. That is a totally different thing. It also doesn’t mean that when he does something that deserves serious correction that every other candidate is automatically preferable to him. No, it doesn’t work that way, or at least it shouldn’t. I only mean that it is not believable that God means him to operate in just the way he does. Chosen one? No. Not unless you count Nebuchadnezzar as a chosen one, and I don’t think that is what Donald Trump meant.

On that note: What sane leader refers to himself as “the chosen one”? That’s creepy. Leave that kind of language to the David Koresh and Jim Jones types. Somebody needs to explain to the President how these things are talked about, because that is not it.

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When Trump said this, he was joking. He did not mean the comment ti be taken seriously.

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