thank you, NBC

. . . for finally breaking my addiction to Law & Order.

I can’t stand the new DA they put in McCoy’s place (why couldn’t they have just promoted Rubirosa?), or Green’s new partner, Lupo.
Now they’re getting rid of Jesse L. Martin (Det. Green), not just getting rid of him but putting him on trial for some dark secret from his past.

O for the days of Dennis Farina & Jerry Orbach!

The show has been on 18 years. Between the original and all its mutations, I think it is finally at the end of its rope. Hopefully, it will put itself out of our misery.

Oh I SOOOO agree! I’d much rather watch the older episodes. I love when they run the marathons. IMO, they should have hung it up when Jerry Orbach passed away. :shrug:

Fred Thompson should have stayed with the show. McCoy always looks like he’s butting in now every time they show him on the show advising the new DA on what to do or not on his cases.

I like the new cop (Green’s partner). I like the new DA (did you know he’s a British actor). But now they need a good new partner for the new cop.

I like L&O Special Victims…(Can’t they keep a leash on Stabler so he doesn’t get hurt every week :slight_smile: .

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