Many protestant faiths are helping the homeless and poor in my area. When people on the streets go hungry, they would go and visit many of these Churches for meals. Thank you! Unfortunately, the Catholic parish and Diocese does very little for the homeless and the poor. We can surely learn from you. You are people of the Book.

Yes we would like to thank everyone.

What happened to the Catholic Church is this specific area? For example last year statistically world wide 2013.

Catholic charity and healthcare centres run in the world by the Church are 117,119 and include: 5,435 hospitals most of them in America and Africa ; 17,524 dispensaries mainly in Africa ; America and Asia ; 567 Care Homes for people with Leprosy mainly in Asia and Africa ; 15,784 Homes for the elderly, or the chronically ill or people with a disability mainly in Europe and America ; 10,534 orphanages , about one third in Asia ; 11,592 creches; 15,008 marriage counselling centres mainly in America and Europe ; 40,671 social rehabilitation centres and 4 other kinds of institutions.

Im surprised to hear about California.

There are many organizations that help the needy including the Catholic Church. In my parish, we have a free community Thanksgiving Dinner. To those who are unable to come a meal is sent to them. We support the local food bank along with many other churches. Perhaps the Church in your area does the same thing. Have you never heard of Catholic Charities. This sweeping comment of the entire Church is not only unfair but untrue.

Same here, the Churches here pretty much all do the same, though many who for one reason or another can’t host, often send a group of volunteers and a hot meal to the Shelters and usually involve themselves for a couple hours. They also do periodic food drives along with clothing and toys during the Holidays. I have never not seen this and its been more so now that ever.

My parish has multiple ministries for the poor, homeless, unemployed and migrant workers, etc.

Sounds like you need to start something! :thumbsup:


Both parishes I am involved in, in California always are helping the poor. The OP’s post sounds like he/she doesn’t have much contact with parishes in the diocese. Just wondered which diocese the post is referring to.

Also Catholic parishes don’t really advertise the good they do, they just do it.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


Of course, Protestants don’t have churches, they have ecclesial communities. Jesus founded exactly one Church, His bride. He isn’t a polygamist.

That aside, we ought to applaud the good these Protestant groups are doing in the OP’s area. I’m not sure why the potshot at the Church was necessary (need we remind the OP that no institution in the history of mankind has done more for the poor than Mother Church?), but we ought to give praise where it is due.

Thank you Protestants for ministering to Christ as found in the least of His brethren. :slight_smile:


I have always seen Catholic churches as being charitable to the needy, in a practical way. My church receives donations of food or small amounts of money from parishioners, and we distribute sandwiches, soup, hot and cold drinks, crisps (chips), cake and biscuits (cookies) from the parish house for 4 hours every day. Another parishioner brings the bread from a local wholesaler, the Sisters at a local convent give us cups and lids for the hot drinks - it’s a real communal venture.

The scheme has been running for a lot of years - I’ve just started volunteering there, and I think it’s a privilege to be able to give a wholesome (if simple) bag of food to anyone who knocks at the door. We are even able to give them a choice of 6 different types of sandwich! Many of them are homeless and/or struggling with addiction. I know for a fact that it’s keeping some people going, especially now the days are cold.

The Catholic Church is the foremost entity in the world when it come to caring for the poor and the sick, there is no other organization that could ever come close. At the parish level, every parish I have been a member of for my entire life does ministry for those who are disadvantaged, the homeless, the food collections and distributions, funds for people who need help temporarily to pay the light bill, etc. We also take up special collections for local disasters as they arise. We invite everyone to come and eat with us at the parish hall when we collaborate to serve meals. Please check with your parish priest for further information. We do good work, we don’t necessarily broadcast it. If your parish doesn’t have ministries, perhaps you should take the ball here and run with it. God bless you.

In my area both the Catholic and Protestant churches do a lot for the homeless and poor here.

There is a cooperative effort as well, and also in the crisis pregnancy center here.

All the churches take up collections for the food banks, and have volunteers very busy together in many of the organizations that help the poor in various ways.

Many Catholics in California are actually among the poor or newly arrived; the Church has a rapidly expanding immigrant population. Asking them to feed everybody, when they are just laying down their own roots, is a bit much.

Edit: In addition, parishes may collaborate with other churches that provide direct services, such as by holding collections for food or money (as Dorthy reminds me), or even by volunteering at Protestant kitchens and pantries. The church in California tends to be organized into huge regional parishes that members must travel to, unlike Protestant communities, which might only have fifty members. There will simply be more Protestant service locations possible, so it would make sense to cooperate.

Most Roman Catholics in California are of Mexican, other Hispanic, Irish, Italian and Filipino ancestry. The population of Catholic Californians is rapidly growing due to the influx of Latin American and Filipino immigrants. In the state, Roman Catholicism is highly represented among non-Hispanic European-Americans, but less represented among non-Hispanic African-Americans. Protestantism is the majority Christian denomination in non-Hispanic black and white groups.

The religious affiliations of the people of California:

Protestant – 35%
    -Evangelical Protestant – 18%
    -Mainline Protestant – 14%
    -Black Protestant – 4%
Roman Catholic – 31%

Within the past year, the CC has sent three cargo ships to Haiti full of food and provisions, long after the limelight of the media stopped shinning there.

Our church has close to 100 ministries. A notable one is the Lingap Center in the Philippians that takes was once a converted pig slaughter house turned into an orphanage. The kids that went there were shunned by local residents as many of them were children of prostitutes are had been abused.

Now they have a fenced in compound that houses, educates, and feeds countless children. This charity is supported by many Parishes. John Drake the director visited our church recently, and I was proud to shake his hand. With him he brought a girl, who is the first college graduate from the Lingap Center who told her story to our congregation on All Saints day. I could not help but burst into tears as did John Drake, the girl, and many others.

I take care of someone who often cannot work due to his broken body and his addiction to alcohol. One month I could not pay the power bill and asked SVDP to help. They paid the bill for me. We have a gigantic Christmas tree that every year, we put toys under for children in the community, or you can reach up to a branch and get a paper ornament which has an item of need for one of the residents staying with the Sisters of Perpetual Mercy, who house and care for hospice cancer sufferers free of charge.

If you feel your church or Diocese is lacking, prayerfully consider starting a dialog about doing more to help those in your community. We often work in concert with other faiths as well who do not have the resources locally to deliver directly to those in need. This may be your calling to help and fill a void that might otherwise go unanswered.

Peace in Christ

Amen, but I don’t think anyone expected them to feed everyone. To me its more doing what you can do and being consistent and involved.

The Catholic church helps people.
Protestant denominations help people.
It’s only atheist groups that do nothing to help people.

hmmmmmm :shrug:

That’s not really fair; I’m sure there are some atheists who help people, too.

My parish has about a dozen ministries for the poor and hungry, including:

A weekly meal (responsibilities shared with other churches)
Supporting a men’s homeless shelter
Cooking ministry for the home-bound
Holiday meals for those who have nowhere to go
Various clothing drives throughout the year
Cooperation with the community food bank and other services
And we are opening a pregnancy crisis center with dormitories in December

I never would have known about these good works if not for the annual ministry fair and reading the weekly bulletin!

I bet you aren’t aware of half of what your parish or diocese does for the poor and needy.

i agree. That’s why I said “atheist GROUPS.” I was referring to organized charity, such as “Catholic Charities.”

My friends no pot shots are being taken at our Faith. I know well the history of what we have accomplished over hundreds and even a thousand years. I’m acknowledging first the good works that I see** within my city **by the Protestant communities secondly I’ve been in over 6 different ministries within my former parish that includes being a Sacristan. Recently I’ve moved to a second County within my State and I’m continued to be involved closely with the homeless and the poor. The Protestant ministry is much stronger and provides lot’s of things for the poor. Your parish may differ but I can only speak of my experiences and I do believe we have fallen away from serving them within our neighborhoods. Count the population of your city and ask yourself how many poor it shelters, out of that count. Pope Francis I’m sure has seen this so I’m not too far from the Truth.:console::yukonjoe::hey_bud: :whackadoo: God Bless

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