Thank you to our priests


I attended a very sparsely attended funeral today for a priest. This priest had been ordained 51 years and had suffered considerably from Alzheimers and dementia.

Looking back on his life and on all the aging priests in attendance, made me just want to send a gigantic Thank You to all of our priests out there.

You are loved. With all of your weaknesses and faults and idiosyncrasies, you are forever loved and I am so grateful for you!






Yes, thank you to all of our priests!!!


A thank you & a prayer for all of our Priests; both living & deceased. May God bless them all.


Hear! Hear!


I agree. These are men, who just like our blessed mother, said yes to God’s call. Without them we would be lost.


Thank you priests, near and far. We would be lost without you!


I thank God for Priests!


Excellent shout out for sure. I also want to put a huge thanks out to priests that are also part of Franciscan orders. Life changers, explaining the path to forgiveness. Priests that don’t limit confession time are 100%ers, love 'em!




After all my decades in the priesthood, I have never seen such poor treatment of priests and of the priesthood as I have witnessed here.

I met the founder of Catholic Answers some number of years ago and he invited me, when I would have time, to visit this project. Now that I have retired, I did so. I find remarkably little that is positive about it at all.

I can readily understand why there are so few priests to be found here and also why so many, based on an analysis of user names, cease activity within a short period of time.


May God bless our priests.


I’m sorry Fr Ruggero. In my opinion people say things on the internet which they wouldn’t standing face to face with another. I have utmost respect for the Priesthood. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a Priest this day in age or any. If it’s any consolation God sees and rewards those who do His will in heaven. Keep on going and sharing like you do. You’re reaching people who might not otherwise be encountered and your whole life is proof of God in the world. Have faith that your words ring true even if it isn’t immediate. Children hear more than you think.
. God bless you.


Yes, thank you to our priests. We need them so very much and need so many more of them. Keep them always in our prayers.


Father please do not give up on us.
I have always been most grateful to read your contributions on CAF. A light in the darkness.

Rejection is a sign you are doing valuable work even if rarely acknowledged.
It has ever been so I think.


In this thread? Or on this site in general? Jesus established his church, and thus the priesthood. I would think treating any priest poorly would be a bad idea.


To be perfectly honest, what profoundly does touch me are not the posters…although there are certainly some number that I do follow with a good degree of interest, such as yours…it is, however, the readers who read without commenting. A thread may have 10 or 12 people posting but it may have 2000 or 3000 views or more. I find myself writing mostly with them in mind.

As for rejection…well, that is hardly of concern to me at this advanced stage of my life. If I were in a community of my peers, I would be concerned…but that is not to be found here.

You have studied theology. An incoming first year student, who is a good student, doesn’t even begin to comprehend what they do not know. The smartest discover that very quickly and then those who are the most fortunate have a wonderful doktorvater to relate to – and in turn for him…or her now…to mentor them as students. Years later, when they are writing their doctoral thesis, then they are ready to begin to really talk and to do theology.



No, I am not speaking with regard to this particular thread but in the context of having made almost 4000 posts on this website.


Nicely said, Karen. :slight_smile:

You are a valuable asset to this forum, Fr. Ruggero. I have learned much from reading your posts.

I have been very saddened with the way that you have been treated here, and I have wished so many times that I could have sent you a message to tell you so.

Please know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers, though.

May God bless you, and thanks for being here with us. :grouphug:

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