Thank you to St. Thomas More

Today is the 8th day of my novena to St. Thomas More, patron of lawyers, judges, politicians, magistrates and model of Christian fatherhood and spouse. I have asked his intercession on behalf of one of my sons-in-law, who will find out tomorrow morning if he passed the bar exam. I have asked St. Thomas that he present my humble request that this young man pass the bar and that, like the martyred saint, he serve the just laws of man and the eternal laws of God dutifully, always knowing that God’s laws are supreme.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I know my prayers have been heard by this devout saint and will be presented to God for His consideration. And, should my son-in-law be an attorney tomorrow (or some other day), I will present him with a medal honoring St. Thomas More.

I thank any of you who join me in a prayer of gratitude for the faithful intercession of the Saints. :signofcross:

Praying! I will remember St. Thomas More. My son-in-law is taking the same test this summer.

Thank God for awesome saints. I love More!

Just got the word – my son-in-law passed his bar exam. Praise be to God and the intercession of St. Thomas More. Now I must purchase that medal to send it along to the new barrister . . .

:extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:

Praise be to God! Thank you St Thomas!

I’m going through the final few months of study to qualify as a lawyer, so needless to say St Thomas and I have been getting to be very good friends lately :wink: :getholy: :crossrc:

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