Thank you to the Catholic Church

As we approach Easter and I meditate and reflect during Lent, I want to say a big THANK YOU to the Catholic Church!


*]For tirelessly upholding the Word of God
*] For educating generation after generation of the faithful (yes, including our own Martin Luther)
*] For providing orderly worship through the Liturgy
*] For spreading the Gospel by way of the arts and architecture
Anyone else care to add to the list? I have plenty more!

I thank the Holy Catholic Church

  • for upholding the preservation of the symbol of the cross with the suffering Christ as a Symbol of our Salvation.

  • for introducing us to the Holy Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary and giving us hope that a Jewish mother is praying on our behalf to the Mighty God of the universe.


For being (the biggest) charitable organization in the world.

For education (Catholic Schools, founding the College System, etc…)

For operating so many Catholic hospitals all over the world.

For defending Europe and the west from the spread of Mohammedan and other false beliefs.

For being the Pillar and Bulwark of the Truth, courageously defending the one true faith through the centuries, overcoming the attacks of the adversary and remaining consistent doctrine-wise for over two thousand years. Thank you from the depths of my being!

…for waiting patiently for thirty seven years while I sinned and recieved the Eucharist in a state of sin, until I finally made a confession and repented. Thank you Jesus Christ, for endowning your Church with the patience of Job.


For its tireless defense of the unborn.

For giving us and guarding Sacred Scripture
For not giving in to the so called “PC” nonsense and staying true to the cause of Sanctity of marriage, and that all life is precious in the eyes of God.

For showing us how to make sense of life when life makes no sense.

For leaving the light on for me. To lead me back Home.

For defending the TRUTH and not defending relativism so many non-Catholic churches demonstrate.

For preserving scripture, the sacraments, and the pulpit. As Luther said, without them, what would we know of these?


Wow, didn’t expect to see this. God bless you!


For being the most charitable organization in the world
For defending the Truth
For not being hypocritical about mistakes by past Church members
For defending life and everything related to it (abortion, marriage, environment, etc).
For keeping the Sacraments
For anything else I’ve forgotten. :slight_smile:

For showing me true worship of God.

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