Thank you to these Inspirational Nuns


Hi boys and girls,

                    I am a guy and I believe that I may have a religious vocation.  I am in contact with 2 Orders at the moment and I am discerning the right path for me...with the help of the prayers and guidance of these wonderful sisters.  They are the Trinitarian Sisters of Valence, London Community, who are present in my home parish and I have grown up knowing and being prayed for and guided by these Holy ladies.  They have done so much for me in my life and it is not easy to put into words- I am so grateful to them for teaching me how to love God and for helping form me as a Catholic and as a person- they are so inspirational to me and I want to thank them!

                   I myself tried my vocation for a number of months with a male branch of the Trinitarian Order, inspired to do so out of love and respect for these sisters (they are like the Franciscans in the sense that there are several congregations stemming from the same ethos and same charisma, but of the original founder e.g. there are 7 separate congregations of Trinitarian Sisters).  It turned out not to be for me and I came home, in the search of something more "Traditional" and inline with Catholic teachings and the Magisterium- despite having come home those other than my family who have been the kindest and most supportive amongst many are these wonderful sisters- they are just amazing!!!

                  Please pray for vocations to the Trinitarian Sisters of Valence, they are a wonderful active Community of loving and caring Sisters whose main work for education and Pastoral work- yet their doors have always and are always open for the homeless, the sick and anyone in need!!!


Congratulations on your vocation. Praying for you and these holy sisters. You might want to check out the FSSP in Great Britain. May God bless you abundantly.:slight_smile:


Thanks very much, yes I know about them although I am not in contact with them- I am in contact with the Franciscans of the Immaculate and the Norbertines.


Sounds good to me. Best wishes.

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