Thank you, U.S. Supreme Court

Thanks to the Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade, this is where we are now with that depraved outfit called Planned Parenthood.

Your thoughts?

I saw this too. Shocking. At 2 minutes in she gets run over by the simplest question.

“Isn’t the child on the table now a patient too?” Duh…and then all the “lets take the discussion off line” evasion.

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard the audio of our current president, then a state senator, making the same points that she does, and as ineptly.

That would be Warren Court.
Now days, Catholics have the majority on court.

Currently, 90% of Planned Parenthood’s monys come from Obama’s Treasury…funded by US taxpayers. That means all Catholics are paying for this Obama Culture of Death.

If 30 million Catholics said NO MORE contributions to PP…via Fed Taxes withholding on April 15 …the case would go to Catholic Supremes.

PP was set up before RvW and if you read up on the history, you will find plenty of support of Planned Parenthood from both Republicans and Democrats.

I don’t know where you got your law degree but it doesn’t work like that.

Also, a Catholic Justice would be ruling on the constitutionality of abortion, not the morality.

Roe v Wade said nothing about the care of living and breathing infants on a hospital table. The legislature is trying to pass a law mandating care for those infants. That is not at all contrary to Roe v Wade.

Don’t count on the Catholics Justices. The only Catholic on the Supreme Court at the time of Roe v Wade voted with the majority.

No … ruling on constitutionality of PPH getting taxpayer monies, for use on abortion, etc …

otherwise, Catholics could claim they are withholding tax payments … under/for moral & conscientous objections reasons. Can the jails hold 30 million Catholics ? Would Obama attempt to jail us all ? Could the Catholic Churches shelter us within … protecting us from the seculars ? :smiley:

I would not be willing to lose my house and my money in the bank over such a stunt.

Fine then, give it ( ur mony & house) to the Feds …and they to PPH.

You make absolutely no sense.

Approx 500 Million, of taxpayer monys, go annually to PPH…to fund death of the unborn. Its time we demand this atrocity ends.

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