Thank You


Quite a few months ago I posted on this forum asking for help. Basically I am divorced and remarried without the first marriage being annulled. I was looking for a way to enter back into my Faith without this feeling of embarrassment hanging over my shoulders. It seemed every time I tried to get back into my faith, something pulled me away.

It may have taken me a few months, but I spoke with the principal at my sons school (Catholic school) She referred me to 2 priests to speak with. So after a few more weeks passing I made the appointment and spoke with one of the recommended priests about all I was going through inside. It was a very emotional meeting for me. I just want SO BAD to have that fire inside I had so many years ago.

I am an artist, and I have a festival this weekend about 40 minutes from my house, instead of saying I can’t make Mass on Sunday, I planned with my son that we would go to Mass at 7am, and I can still make it to my festival for 10am, that is a huge step for me.

I am writing this to ask for more payers, I really do believe posting on this forum has helped in so many ways. I need prayers to keep me on this path, to gain the strengthening of my faith that I need to be able to go on this spiritual journey of filling out this paperwork I have for my annulment. I do not feel I am ready to write anything down yet, I really want Gods guidance with this, I want to make sure I can forgive myself, as well as find forgiveness with God.

again, THANK YOU so much for all of whom sent me private messages in such a very hard time in my life.


Prayers and may God Bless you through your journey :slight_smile:


You can do it!



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