Thankful for a wonderful marriage of 25 years today!


25 years ago today we received the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. The two are still one and very blessed. We still wear our rings (re-sized a few times of course). Blessed with two boys, 19 and 12. Youngest boy recovering from brain cancer last year. We used all our saved Hawaii anniversary trip money to get through that tough time of constant care and unemployment. We give thanks and praise for our families, and friends who supported us in prayer and in deeds. We are truly blessed to have each other - the two are still one indeed. Amen.


**Praise God! :bowdown2: You have successfully conquered the world! :clapping: Really! :dancing: Rejoice and be glad! This is both beautiful and inspirational! :slight_smile: **

**May God bless you with twenty five more! :smiley: **


Yea! Praying for the both of you!:slight_smile:


Praying for another 25 years + for you and your spouse. :thumbsup:


Congradulations! :harp: :crossrc:



:clapping: :dancing: **Congrats & God Bless you on 25 years of marriage **:heart: :heart: :amen:


What a wonderful celebration of a great blessing! May The Lord give you many more great memories and celebrations and bless you richly in your children…


God has truly blessed this union and I pray for another 25 years for the two of you! Congratulations!:thumbsup:


Congrats and many more blessings to come your way.



Sending out congratulations and prayers of Thanksgiving for you and your spouse! :slight_smile:

~~ the phoenix


Prayers of thanksgiving for 25 years of marriage. :gopray:


Praise God!! In a world of “throw-away” marriages, hearing this is a great blessing!!
May you be blessed with many more years together.:byzsoc::byzsoc:


May God continue to shower you with His blessings…


It is so wonderful to hear of a trully sucessfull marriage. :extrahappy:


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