Thanking God and neighbors


I Thank God and Praise Him for He granted my earnest prayers. I thank you my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus for God granted our earnest and humble prayers. God is a living God and He answers prayers, His name be glorified forever and ever. And I thank God for giving me all of you who are generous enough who share you efforts, your daily prayers for me and my family and because of your faith in God through your prayers, your prayers are surely bringng me blessings and graces I have asked from God, Your prayers is helping me. You are also gifts from God. Thanks God. Glory to God now and forever and ever. May this message of thanks pleases our God and encourage you to keep on praying for prayer requests from our fellowmen who are needing our prayers. May our Almighty God showers you the strength to carry on this beautiful and loving acts of praying for other peoples’ needs. Thanks to God and thanks to all of you. I believe that praying for a neighbor will bring graces and blessings to the person praying for his neighbor and to the neighbor who asked for a prayer. Glory to our God Almighty, the King of heaven and earth now and forever and ever. Amen.


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