Thanking God for His Mercy

God you are so merciful on us that you continue to supply grace through Your SON drawing us closer to you. We have done nothing to merit this grace but You give it freely to us. Despite our sins you still continue to call us to repentance and you are there with open arms to receive us. Thank you Lord God for infinite Mercy.


Thank you LORD for your mercy indeed.
Despite the indescribable horror you allowed me to be put through these past
two years, which corrupted my soul and my conscience and destroyed my faith and spirit,
you have restored a measure of my faith and had mercy on me, too.
Thank you, LORD GOD, for your mercy on me,
and for your helping my dear folks, my sweet sister, mom, and dad.
In Jesus’s name, Thank you LORD.


Thank you, Lord for Your mercy. I have put my family, my neighbors, and myself through enough turmoil over the years. I am not worthy of Your mercy, Lord, but you have provided it to me. Thank you, God, for Your Love and Compassion.

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