Thanking Lectors?

When I’m a reader at mass sometimes people thank or complement me. Usually it’s older people and I think they do so because I’m clear and they can hear and understand me so that doesn’t bother me. But I don’t know how to react when the pastor or deacon thank me or say good job. Is it usual for them to do so? I think it’s a privilege to be involved and feel odd to be thanked. Do other readers feel this way?

I have been thanked for reading. I just say “thank you.” The way I see it, when I read well, it helps people to actually take the scriptures into their heart. I don’t see it as something I do but that the Holy Spirit does. Usually people would say, “you read so clearly” or “you put emphasis on an area of the text that I never thought about before.” I don’t take it as a compliment as much as an affirmation that I am doing what God is asking of me. Priests get thanked all the time for a good homily, or for celebrating a good liturgy, why not the lectors for reading well. I don’t look for a thank you, and yes, I do feel a bit uncomfortable when I get a compliment on my reading, but I accept it, say thanks, and see it as an encouragement to continue to carefully and prayerfully fullfill the ministry in a way that serves God’s people.

Just say, “You’re welcome”. :shrug:

What it probably means is that you’ve done a good, clear job of proclaiming the readings. :thumbsup:

Everyone needs affirmation, and your ministry is appreciated, so just be thankful that you are needed.

Say “You’re Welcome.”

Would it be better if people grumbled about how they could not understand you or they did not like you for some reason??:shrug:

Be grateful people appreciate what you are doing and recognize it!

I usually say to them “Praise God”. I don’t even say thank you because that would imply that I think I did something—rather it is all about the Lord.

When I am thanked for reading God’s word I take that as meaning the person has heard/understood what the Lord wanted them to hear/understand and then I am grateful to God for His interest in us.

Before I proclaim the Word I always ask that the Word be heard.

I do not know that I have been *thanked *but I have been *complimented *as a liturgical reader. I thank the person and it encourages me to continue, and to strive to do well as I proclaim the word.


A pastor or deacon who says Thank you or Good job is trying to let you know that: 1) they appreciate your service (and its important to let people know their efforts are appreciated); and 2) you did a good job at it (and it’s important to give people positive feedback where it’s due). Also, pastors and deacons know that some people need to hear these words of encouragement from them, otherwise these folks think they are not valued and eventually they stop lectoring or doing whatever ministry they are involved in.

Just be gracious and accept the appreciation and compliment shown, by smiling and saying You’re welcome or Thank you, or some such proper response. And give thanks to God for the gift that He has given you of proclaiming the Word well.

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