THANKS and Everyone do keep her in your prayers , John


A little more than 2 months I requested prayer for a good family friend , a woman Rosa V. in her 70’s that was undergoing tests to check for cancer .Thanks all of you for your prayers for Rosa . She had a cancer a couple of years ago and was healed . Tests showed a problem and she was terrified . Praise the LORD , she is 100 % healthy . Thank you LORD for answering our prayers and letting Rosa be totally healthy and fine and healed . Lord WATCH OVER AND PROTECT HER . THANKS TO YOU LORD, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, AMEN . Everyone do keep her in your prayers , John



Praise God!
Thanks for sharing the good news ~

******May God continue to bless her † *****


Thank you Lord, for this good news. :slight_smile:


Praise God!



Keeping Rosa in prayer! You too, of course!



Thank You Lord.
Will Keep On Praying For Roza
Grandma Glor


Praise the Lord


Jesus thank You! Please continue to bless Rosa, and John and his family


I thank the LORD for this wonderful healing for Rosa . I praise GOD she is healthy and fine. I saw her and her husband on Sunday and she is happy and is thankful to you for praying for her . Of course she thanks God . , John


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