Thanks and Praise to the Spirit For My ACTS Weekend!


I want to offer thanks and praise to the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity, the Paraclete, the Love from the Father and the Son, who washed me in His Power and Love this past weekend at my ACTS retreat.

I am humbled beyond all description.

I offer thanks and praise for the ACTS team that hosted and guided us through our journey. They were truly powerful, strong Catholic men who opened their arms and hearts to us.

I plead that the Spirit have patience with me as I apply His Grace in my life as I walk by faith and not by sight.

Eddie Mac




Eddie, God bless you for your gratitude and praise.
I ask You, Holy Spirit to fan the fire of the graces You have given Eddie and the other men into a blaze that endures forever.
Thank You, Holy Spirit!


Thank you so much!

Eddie Mac


That sounds wonderful!
Praise God.



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