Thanks be to God!


I pray tonight in gratitude to the Lord, because my dental checkup and cleaning Wednesday morning was good. There was minimal gum bleeding from having the plaque removed, which is a good sign meaning my gums are much healthier than they were in February (the first time in six years or so that I went to the dentist). There is also one old filling in my tooth that the dentist wants to drill out so he can put a new one in, but other than that, no new cavities were found. And the whole checkup and cleaning was covered by the dental insurance I enrolled in through work; thanks be to God that He led me to get this coverage so I don’t have to pay out of pocket for dental checkups. :extrahappy:

The most that is going to happen to my teeth in the near future is an extraction of my wisdom teeth (both on the right side, one top and one bottom). I need to see an oral surgeon for this procedure, since the bottom one especially is impacted by tissue; I pray that it goes well and that I will be able to afford the cost of the extraction of these two wisdom teeth.


I’m pleased for you. It sometimes takes courage to go to a health carer, but worth it to know for certain what is needed, and that things aren’t as bad as you feared.
Life is like that. The old man said, “I’ve had plenty of worries in my life. Most of them never happened.”

Please God all will go well for the extractions…


Thanks be to God!


Praise God!

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