thanks be to God!

Recently a woman stopped by my home to inquire about my son. She belongs to a baptist church where a dear friend of mine is a member. She just wanted to pray with me for my son. (We are going in next week for a second biopsy to find out whether or not he has melanoma) just before she left she handed me this little booklet, sermon from a Catholic Bible, and said she thought i would find it interesting. Boy did i! This book goes against the faith in every aspect. Saying things like, our baptism and Eucharist do not save us. We shouldnt honor Mary and so on. So why did i title this post, thanks be to God? You see, i was confirmed at the Easter Vigil so im a baby Catholic. During the months leadig up to the big day a prayed every day that the truth be revealed to me. I wanted to be certain that i was doing God’s will and not just caught up in the excitement of the Mass. While looking through this little booklet i knew it was untruth! Granted, several things i did have to research to know why we do what we do. I have spent the last two weeks going through this book and finding all my answers as to where this author was wrong in his writings :slight_smile: i am so thankful that God provided me with this study guide, that He sparked in me the desire to find the truth and that He lead me to all the answers!!! Im feeling so blessed today and just wanted to share with all of you.

Honor and Praise to The Lord ! God does work in mysterious ways.

Thank God for your conversion!

In other news, that woman should be absolutely ashamed of herself…

I will dedicate my Rosary to you and her today.

I admit at first i was enraged by this book! I thought, where does this person get off trying to tell me my faith is wrong! Then i started to really think and realized she was vessel that provided the material i was praying for :slight_smile: she will he stopping back by im sure, after my sons appointment. I have several pages of notes to share when she stops back!

Never know what God might use to work things for his Glory.
All Glory to God!

Welcome to the Church as well.

There are a lot of tracts on Catholic Answers that might be helpful to you that you could also give to her for her reading pleasure. They are listed under “Topics”. After all, turnabout is fair play. :slight_smile:

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