Thanks First United Methodist

I don’t know much about the Methodist beliefs but I do know that, when they work with the homeless population, they do an above average job of service to them. I joined in one of their dinners and the whole group were not only happy and joyful in feeding the homeless, but one can also feel their true joy of service in how they treat them. It feels genuine and I gained a lot of respect for them because of what I had seen and what I had experienced. Although as Catholics we are Eucharistic by nature in most of our Faith, the First United Methodist are people of the Book. Thank you again for your wonderful Christian example in working with the poor. God Bless you all.


Being joyful of heart and spirit whilst administering to the needy is a sight to behold.

I think among the following mainline Protestant faiths, UCC, PCUSA, TEC, ELCA, and UMC, they are one that hasn’t moved toward being more open to SS unions. On a woman’s right to choose I’m not sure they are as close to Catholicism on that issue. But I believe they have long been known for their service. While we’re at it though, I’d like to take my hat off to an Episcopal congregation too that I know of for their service to the homeless and the hungry. I had the opportunity to visit and was overwhelmed with what they do. Thanks for sharing you story!

And thank you:thankyou:, for the kind words. We Methodists have always placed a high value on social action, following what we believe to be the Saviour’s will.
But it is good to be recognized (even if it :blush:wasn’t me doing the service).
In return, may I say that I hold Catholics in high regard for reaching out to those in need. You have an amazing history of care for the sick, especially, which has given us so many fine hospitals.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

I am happy to add my story to the UMC. I had been a Baptist when my wife and I moved to another state. The only Baptist church close to our new home was an Independant Fundalist Baptist. We went to as few services and were not content to continue there. Next we tries a small UMC church. We loved it there. My wife had to undergo some sergury and I was left to fend for myself, so we thought. The ladies of the Methodist church took over. The first night just as I arrived home a car pulled up and a member of our new church brought me dinner.This went on until my wife came back home! Thank You to our new litttle Methodist church I did not have to try and cook!! It was trully appreciated.

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