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I have been given a gentle reminder/request to participate a little more by the administrators :slight_smile: the reason I have not posted much is that I have been viewing a lot of what is going on here and have learned quite a bit. What I really appreciate is all of the resources that are provided by other Catholics that help to defend the faith. Being a Southern Baptist who converted in 1983 to Catholicism, and having a fairly good grasp of the faith, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started to really research the roots of the Catholic faith.

Even though I was indoctrinated with all of the anti Catholic smears, what really jumps out at me is the depth of ignorance and hostility there is towards the CC when some Protestants are presented with irrefutable fact, they still hold on even tighter to the falsehood. Its like if they admit that they are wrong and the CC is right, they have some how been hoodwinked by the devil. It is tunnel vision, the truth is swept aside to advance their ignorance or agenda. The more and more I think about it, I feel that they are threatened by it and need the visceral response that usually follows when that are confronted with truth and logic.

I knew that there was real anti Catholic sentiment out there, but not to the depth and degree to what I have witnessed in this forum. However, it is precisely this depth of ignorance and hatred by some on this forum that has benefited my education here. In the past, I would try to argue the facts until we were both blue in the face, but now if the person does not want to truly be receptive and respectful to what I believe I am not going to expend the energy to fuel a confrontation.

My focus is to continue to pray for the CC during the LOH that it remains strong and lead all those who are outside the Church home.




I feel the same way. I’d like to discuss but sometimes I need to know when to stop. Nonethless, I am glad that I know some good non-Catholics here.

Today’s Gospel - Here is today’s Gospel.
Mt 10: 7-15
Whoever will not receive you or listen to your words
go outside that house or town and shake the dust from your feet.
Amen, I say to you, it will be more tolerable
for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment
than for that town.”


keep in mind not all protestants are so anti before I came here I never entertained the thought of defending a church, I have always thought of defending a faith in the area of defense of God, specifically Jesus because He is the one most have a “problem” with.

So I made no distinction between churches especially when people ask about God, Billy Graham and many other preachers keep saying find a church you believe in and go. Sure there is people who are anti catholic and also anti pretty much everything, theres no shortage of jerks, I never thought much about it.

I always thought we were supposed to help people understand that there is a God who is actually there in the person of Jesus. He is who He said He is and actually cares for us. Hes not some evil king ruling over us as we are accustomed to in this world, Hes actually on our side and thinks of us.

When people say He is a undeserving God and mean and really is the source of evil, and kills children in fact He doesnt even exist. I defended that. Particular churches do not generally come up in such conversations.

So before these boards become a hotbed of going home etc please remember, (me being one) do not understand this *home *bit. Some are not even to the point of Jesus existing, they dont give a rip about a church.

And to say to those of us who have finally woken up and found God that well its just not a full as you need is like telling us we were lied to, it wasnt good enough. So if we were lied to about God Lite then How do I know Im not gonna be lied to about God Full. What then is the difference? Pick God Lite at protestant churches, God Full at Catholic Churches, Real God at 7th day, Redone God at the Mormans.

Does anyone have any idea what Christians are telling the world??? How does a non believer even begin to get to the place they find God, just God, because now there is classifications and full not full of God to pick from! And if they pick the wrong one then its not good enough.

:shrug: :confused: Instead of worrying about people who know the Lord, what about those that dont. And I know protestants try to convert catholics too, and that is equally insane. No actually its all part of a plan, its just not Gods. Because anything mired in confusion is not of God. We should all be ashamed.

What happened to something like the Creed, if a person knows that then move on to someone who doesnt. I am not mad just fairly frusterated at Christians as a whole. Religion does get in the way of God and its sad.


I believe so. Majory are not anti-Catholic - had I been raised non-Catholic, I would probably believe what a non-Catholic believes.

It is hard to tell who actually is anti-Catholic most of the time because we hardly know what it is in their soul or mind. However, some have very bad and nasty comment toward Catholics.


and towards protestants. Each side is guilty, were lucky Dad doesnt box our ears.

Then again as a whole the human race is pretty good at putting down each other to make ourselves look larger. Its not just a “religious” issue.


“for them to be one”, Jesus prayed.


Sometimes I wonder if Heaven will be deserted, it never seems like people, families, neighbours, citys, countries can find common ground and get along. It takes only each side in a arguement to consider the possiblitiy of the other being right. Its hard to see reconcillation, it will never happen globaly, I think it will only happen one at a time.


I remember Jesus saying something about having many mansions in heaven (instead of just sharing one big mansion that would just irritate people, because people like their privacy).:smiley:


:smiley: wow, thats a way to think of it. I do hope its wrong or at least we can all borrow some sugar from each other. :slight_smile: I do have faith that the Lord will sort us out, but I still wonder, how long?


The question is “one what?” Family, church, faith, doctrine, parish? The two great commandments go a long ways towards making us all one family. Even within families there are disagreements as to who gets to set a table, come for dinner or celebrate a holiday.

Sad is the family that splits up over differences in opinion, even when those differences can’t be resolved. The individual identities/egos have then become more important than the family.

I for one am in favor of one family. Sadly, some think that all family members must have the same color hair, be right handed, think the same and set the table the same way.


St. Paul answers that for you-one Faith, one Lord, one Baptism, i.e. one Church. Jesus said, “Upon this Rock I shall build my Church”, is there really any question what this unity that Jesus prayed for really is, especially in light of His calling of St. Peter to feed His sheep? One Faith cannot be held by squabbling sects.

Let us also not be so naive to think that heresies are mere “familial disagreements” when Jesus clearly tells us to beware the false prophets who come in sheep’s clothing but are ravenous wolves and when St. Paul speaks of men not enduring sound doctrine. To disregard the serious differences of doctrine is to just do further injury to true ecumenism.


I was just thinking of that this morning as I rode into work. In another 23 years +/- it will be a full 2000 years since Christ died and instituted the Church.

If the purpose was to only bring the Word to all humans, that could arguably be said to be done now, but if there is another purpose that seems less clear. I suppose I always assumed our purpose in life was to live it, and by knowing the Good News, we could live our lives better for ourselves and those around us. I never thought of our existance as the sole purpose to worship God, but that for our Creation we rightly do.

From the time of Adam & Eve to Abraham, then from Abraham to Christ, and from Christ until now; the time in between has some greater purpose. For a Being that is not restrained by time, the passage of it might not be significant to us.


Thanks for the answer.


Kitty Chan,

You make the Catholic case perfectly. Christ came to fulfill the previous covenants God made with His people. He did that in establishing His kingdom in heaven and on earth. He told the apostles, “anyone who hears you hears me. Anyone who rejects you rejects me and the One who sent me”.

Those who promote a gospel that is different than the one the apostles handed down (through their successors) are “scattering” and worse, confusing the people. Non-Christians have to look at all the confusion among so-called Christian groups and just shake their heads in amazement and disbelief.

We all need to return to the Kingdom that Christ established, stop promoting false doctrines that confuse and mislead the flock, and remain one as He prayed.


Check with Fr. Ambrose on the EO forum. Many (44) of the church fathers thought that matthew 16:18 referred to the statement of faith, not Peter himself (16 thought it was Peter).


Oh, man…this is a serious misquote. While the fathers mention St Peter’s profession of faith, they always regard him as the rock - not his profession.


Check with Fr. Ambrose on the EO forum. Many (44) of the church fathers thought that matthew 16:18 referred to the statement of faith, not Peter himself (16 thought it was Peter).

With all due respect to Fr. Ambrose (he seems like a faithful priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church), doctrine does not depend on a majority vote of non-infallible Fathers-learned though they may be. Also, we would not agree that the Fathers seen things this way.

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